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Ovation Awards Winners 2018: Aetna Foundation and Newman's Own Foundation

New Orleans, LA June 21, 2018

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5 Fast Facts About Our Upgraded Employee Engagement System

We’ve recently updated our Employee Engagement System to help our clients fuel engagement with corporate philanthropy programs. CyberGrants is fast to...

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How Agile CSR Software Helps You Make a Bigger Impact

What is Agile CSR Software?

The true definition of agile is “able to move quickly and easily” and when it comes to project management, it’s often used...

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Quiz - Do You Know How CSR Impacts Business?

CSR has the ability to completely transform your business. From recruiting new employees to your vision to strengthening trust with consumers, your...

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5 Features Your Employees will Love

Did you know 76% of Millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company?

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How the Right CSR Software Helps You Manage Employee Volunteering

Managing the details of an employee volunteering program is a lot of work. Program managers can spend endless hours organizing volunteer opportunities,...

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Corporate Volunteering Campaigns: How to Keep the Momentum Going After an Event

One of the best times to increase participation in your employee volunteering program is right after a big event. Company-wide volunteering days, ...

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10 Steps for Starting an Employee Volunteer Program

Employee Volunteer GuideUpdated: April 2018

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Grants Management Guide

Grantmaking GuideUpdated: April 2018

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