7 Benefits of Providing Employee Volunteering Programs

Aug 01, 2016 - CyberGrants

The benefits of providing employee volunteering programs are endless. From keeping employees engaged and building camaraderie to improving corporate culture and employer brand, volunteer programs have the power to recharge and sustain a healthy workforce.

In 2014, CECP’s Giving in Numbers report found that 59% of companies offer paid-release time volunteer programs meaning employees are compensated for their volunteer time. If more employees were offered the chance to get out of the office, stretch their legs and do something meaningful that gives back to their community all while being paid for it, we think the world would be a better place!

We’ve compiled some of the best research-backed benefits to making the investment in volunteering programs for your organization. See them for yourself!

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  • Tweet This: 74% of employees feel fulfilled in jobs offering opportunities to assist in social and environmental issues.
  • Tweet This: 70% of employees’ loyalty would increase if the company offers volunteer opportunities.
  • Tweet This: 61% of Millennials would prefer to work for a company offering volunteering opportunities.
  • Tweet This: 76% of people who volunteered in the last 12 months said it made them feel healthier.
  • Tweet This: 78% of people who volunteer say it lowers their stress levels.
  • Tweet This: 81% of employees who volunteered with their coworkers said it strengthened their relationships.

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