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Our blog will share company news and events, as well as thoughts on happenings within the CSR (corporate social responsibility) industry. We welcome your input and feedback.

A Look Back on Corporate Philanthropy’s Biggest Stories of 2017

An approaching new year always inspires reflection, and 2017 was definitely one for the books. Policy changes and tragedies might have ruled the...

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Employee Volunteer Programs Articles & Resources

Employee Volunteer Programs - Everything You Need to KnowUpdated: November of 2017

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10 Steps for Starting an Employee Volunteer Program

Employee volunteer programs are gaining popularity as nearly 60% of companies offer paid time off for employees to volunteer, according to the most...

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8 Unexpected Ways to Reward CSR Participation

Most employees don’t get involved with CSR for the rewards. However, rewarding them regardless of the reason they got involved is a great way to keep...

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5 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Encourage Employees to Give Back

Picture this: Your company strategized a corporate giving program after hearing all the amazing benefits of a corporate social responsibility program....

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7 Benefits of Providing Employee Volunteering Programs

The benefits of providing employee volunteering programs are endless. From keeping employees engaged and building camaraderie to improving corporate...

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How to Drive Participation in Employee Philanthropy Programs

Over 90% of surveyed companies said improved employee engagement was a top benefit of workplace volunteering.

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7 Employee Volunteer Program Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Employee volunteering programs are born when a company has a vision for the future and compassion for the community their organization resides within....

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How Implementing Giving Can Help You Engage Millennials

As the workforce is increasingly dominated by Millennials, employers are looking toward more meaningful and creative ways to appeal to this emerging...

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