Increasing Employee Participation in Holiday Giving (Part 1)

‘Tis the season….to give that is! This time of year puts everyone in the mood to participate and give a little extra to the community. Especially for those who may not be able to support a CSR program year-round, this is a great alternative. 88% of employers believe effective employee engagement programs help attract and retain employees. And, the same can happen for your company as well.

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Whether it’s volunteering, donating, or a combination of both, employees love to get involved! Take a look at these helpful tips to get started:

Employee Giving and Volunteering Tips

Today’s working generation has a fresh new attitude towards life and work that centers on a feeling of shared responsibility in a diverse, multi-ethnic and connected world, with a common global heritage. As an example, devastation caused by a fire, cyclone or earthquake in another state or another part of the world is seen as a shared problem irrespective of boundaries. Giving, volunteering, and philanthropy play a central role in people’s personal and professional lives. Find out how to attract and retain today’s talent.

Simple Ways to Encourage Employees to Give Back

You’ve heard of all the great benefits that a CSR program can bring you, and now you’ve finally made the move to implement one. All the research has been done, information has been spread, and now you just have to sit around and let employees participate. But, after some data gathering, the numbers aren’t looking so hot. So, how do you encourage them to participate even more? Continue reading for some great tips.

Connecting Employees to the Community

Employee giving programs and CSR affect more than just the people you give to. They also do a lot to help both your employees and the business, especially in the eyes of the community. It can also be a great recruitment point and provide a stance to help you attract the up and coming workforce. Besides these though, is there any real evidence that programs such as these are beneficial? Check out the stats we’ve collected.

Employees and Volunteer Programs

Employee volunteering programs are born when a company has a vision for the future and compassion for the community their organization resides within. Given this, it is always best if the employee’s share these views and participate in making them a reality. Whether you have a successful corporate philanthropy program, wish to have one or simply can’t see the justification of implementing such, we have some findings that should always be on your mind. The stats below tell a story of how such a program can support the health of your company as a whole.

Engage Millennials with Corporate Giving

Millennials are a growing force in the workplace and considering they are the largest generation since the baby-boomers, they aren’t going anywhere. This means that employers are looking toward more meaningful and creative ways to appeal to this emerging generation. One major area that has been gaining considerable attention from Millennials is corporate social responsibility (or CSR). Read on to see what values they hold most important in a company, and what you can do to showcase them.

Value Based Programs and Employee Engagement

You’ve read all the stats, but have you really honed in on what your employees want and need so you can create a level of engagement in your workplace you’ve never had before? Sometimes companies are so bombarded with stats and results that they barely have time to think about how to implement these programs, or if they will even work for their company. The bottom line is, you want engaged employees. And, it doesn’t start with fancy new titles or an annual retreat, or even replacing troublesome managers. It starts with understanding values. Find out how to see these values and how to expand them.

How to Increase Employee Volunteering in your Workplace

Volunteering has always been a big thing, especially with employees. It has also been shown to positively impact a person’s overall health, mood and performance in their professional work. Now that this realization has come to pass, many are wondering how they can get involved and allow employees to volunteer and get the ball rolling. Find out what you can do.

Driving Retention with Workplace Volunteering

What used to drive employee retention were things like salary, benefits, job security, and while those things are still extremely important, employees today are looking for something a little different. They want experiences, camaraderie, growth and fulfillment. And one verifiable way to give them those things is employee giving. It’s also a bonus that employee volunteering is good for the employees as well. See what we mean.

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