5 Ways To Give Thanks To Employees for Their CSR Participation in 2020

2020 has been a year that many of us would like to put behind us. It’s tested our CSR programs, our optimism, and our fortitude.

But before we put 2020 behind us, there is also so much good we need to do in recognizing our employees for all their CSR efforts and the tremendous impact they have made. It's true, most of our plans were upended this year, yet the stories and feedback we have heard of community outreach, rapid response, and flexibility in giving, engagement and the disbursement of funds, have been nothing short of heroic. 

The end of the year is a perfect time for giving back, and like many organizations, we are getting ready for Giving Tuesday on December 1st. As we plan these outreach programs, it’s also a wonderful time to thank others for all the hard work they’ve done in the last 12 months through virtually volunteering or donating money to charities. As you plan your annual company giving strategy for 2021, make sure you’re showing gratitude to all of those employees who were instrumental in helping make the efforts this year a success.

Depending on your time or budget allotment, initiatives can be both large and small. Take the time to celebrate you and your team with some of these impactful ideas.

When it comes to showing employees end-of-year appreciation, what’s your approach? Try this:Tweet This!

So, What Do You Think?

Reflection on past initiatives is an important part of any corporate philanthropy. Consider writing a letter or creative speech to your employees.

Bonus Tip: Download our Storytelling Checklist to Share Your Story with Your Staff and Increase Employee Participation this Holiday Season!

If you have access to video production or a graphic design team, ask employees to capture a quick video of themselves talking about a campaign or virtual volunteering event they participated in and make a highlight video. This gives your team the chance to share the impact they’re making in an easy-to-digest and shareable format. If you can’t capture the event and employee testimonials in a video, try writing a blog post, or write an update on your company social media accounts.

This is a great opportunity for your employees to socialize a humble brag about the company they work for, and how their employer provides giving and virtual/skills based volunteering options that matter to them. Hello, employer branding!

Empower Your Team

Displaying your gratitude for employee participation is far more impactful when you give a gift back that means something, rather than a certificate that says "Thank You!" with their name on it. Your employees helped develop and build others through virtual volunteering or donation, so build them up professionally within your company or on their personal career path. Are there any upcoming online learning opportunities that pertain to entire departments in your company? Offer a stipend or time during the work day to each person who participated in your company volunteer or giving program to attend. Were there particular employees who took the giving back or volunteer opportunity beyond your expectations? Give them an opportunity to be the take on a leadership role in the next volunteer or giving campaign hosted by your company. These are gifts that tell your employees you "see" their efforts, and you're willing to generously reward them with new opportunities.

Surprise! You Rule

While your employees probably love their career, a day off can do wonders for their productivity. Consider some time off as a way to show gratitude for CSR participation. If possible, plan it near a holiday so that it flows into family time. This shows employees their work has been appreciated, but that you value their relaxation. Or, plan a virtual team relaxation retreat with a mindfulness or positivity session or a yoga class.

Sometimes we need someone to tell us it’s okay to relax, let go and just connect on an individual basis. Your employees go above and beyond to give back outside of company walls, now it’s your turn as a leader to do the same for them.

Corporate philanthropy and CSR employee participation can sometimes be the greatest challenge a management team faces. Appreciation initiatives can do wonders for increasing interest.

What’s your favorite way to show employees you appreciate their ongoing efforts? Share with us! @CyberGrants.


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