9 Best Ways to Increase Employee Engagement You Might Have Missed

You’ve likely searched high and low for the best solutions when it comes to upping your employee engagement numbers. Companies with low levels of employee engagement can experience up to a 33% decline in operating income so it’s in everybody’s best interest to implement the best strategies possible to keep team members engaged. We’ve gathered up 9 resources to help you increase employee engagement that you might have missed. Check them out:

Increase Employee Engagement with Employee Giving Programs

Employee Giving

Pleasing today’s workforce is not an easy task. Every month, Gallup reports on workforce engagement numbers and U.S. engagement, though it has slowly increased from previous years, it has had little-to-no change since March of this year. Since engagement sits at a mere 32%, employee engagement should be a top priority for employers.

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Growing research suggests one solution to this problem: corporate philanthropy. So, how much can it really improve employee engagement? And, how can it be done? Well, glad you asked… Find out how to increase those employee engagement numbers with employee giving programs.

3 Things Your Employee Engagement Strategy is Missing

Giving Strategy

According to the 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report, 87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges, a concern that seems to be recurring year after year. Why are employers consistently unable to increase employee engagement long-term? What is missing from employee engagement strategies that makes them sustainable? Maybe the solution isn’t so complicated… Check out these 3 simple things that will turn your employee engagement strategy from temporary to sustainable.

How the 5 Most-Admired Companies Fuel Employee Engagement

Giving Strategy

At CyberGrants, we know a key component of an effective employee engagement strategy is corporate philanthropy programs. For example, the 2015 Community Involvement study shows that 90% of companies attribute a positive correlation between them.

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So, we dug into five companies on Fortune’s list who ranked Number 1 who measure the connection between volunteer participation and in corporate social responsibility to see how they are affecting employee engagement through stellar corporate philanthropy programs! Learn how these 5 companies upped their employee engagement and how you can model your strategy after theirs.

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