Amplify Employee Giving Through a Matching Gift Integration with EveryAction

Over the past several years, employee matching programs have become one of the most popular forms of workplace giving for leading corporations. Matching gift programs are a simple yet effective way for employers to invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and show employees they care about the causes they’re passionate about. Although 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs, it's estimated that $4 -7 billion in available matches is left on the table each year. So, while your company may be offering a generous match, employees still need to take action to participate.  

At CyberGrants, which is becoming Bonterra, we’re here to help our customers drive employee participation and maximize the impact of their CSR efforts. As a result, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make it easier for your workforce to get involved in corporate giving. The team at CyberGrants is excited to announce a matching gift integration with EveryAction, which is also becoming Bonterra. Together, we are working to boost employee participation in CSR and drive more revenue for nonprofit organizations, ultimately helping more social good organizations power their purpose.  


What is EveryAction?  

EveryAction is focused on offering innovative, connected technology solutions for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Through CyberGrants’ integration with EveryAction, we can reduce the number of unclaimed gift matches for more than 2,500 organizations!  


Why is this Update Exciting? 

Matching gift programs offer a powerful opportunity to incentivize workplace giving by amplifying the impact of employee donations. According to Double the Donation, 84% of donors are more likely to give if a match is offered and one in three donors indicate they’d give a larger gift if a match was applied to their donation.  

Unfortunately, many employees fail to take advantage of this benefit, leaving the matched dollars on the table along with the record of their participation. Missed matching opportunities can occur for a variety of reasons: donations are submitted outside of CyberGrants; donors aren’t aware of their donation’s match eligibility; or donors fail to provide donation documentation. To increase the likelihood that your employees get involved, it’s easiest to have an integration that captures employees’ interest in matching their donation directly on nonprofits’ online donation forms.  

The result? Employees can more easily identify when their company is offering a match, making it easy to give back and have a meaningful impact.  


How Does the Employer Matching Gift Integration Work?  

Once this seamless integration is enabled on Thursday, May 4, EveryAction donation forms will be equipped to capture your employees’ interest in matching opportunities as they complete their donation.  

When a donor makes an online gift to a nonprofit using EveryAction’s donor management platform, they will be prompted to enter their employer’s information to see if their company offers a match.  

CyberGrants will confirm with EveryAction that the donor is an active employee with an existing record. If the system can validate the donor, then CyberGrants will send an email, encouraging them to log into the system and submit a matching gift request.  

EveryAction will use the CyberGrants system to cross-check donor details including name and email. Using this information, the system will email the appropriate donor. Only active CyberGrants donors who have an employer offering a matching gift program will receive an email.  


I’m a CyberGrants Customer—What Else Do I Need to Know? 

This feature will automatically activate for existing customers. However, you can opt out of this feature by contacting your client manager. If you have questions about this exciting integration, additional information and resources will be included with the product release notes.  

 As CyberGrants and EveryAction become Bonterra, our matching gift integration is just one of the many ways we’re coming together to support organizations’ hard work with technologies that accelerate impact.  


I’m Not a CyberGrants Customer, But I Want to Learn More! 

When it comes to building and scaling a sustainable corporate philanthropy strategy, program implementation and execution is often easier said than done. That’s why leading corporations partner with a CSR software provider to implement innovative programs, automate processes, and drive maximum impact. See how CyberGrants can help and request a demo today 

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