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Monday, February 29th, 2016 is a leap day, giving us humans an extra day in the year to do something extraordinary. But, while payroll administrators are wrapping their heads around an extra payday for the year, employees are preparing for another day at the office. We’re granted one fateful, extra day every four years and the world’s hard workers have to spend it working the same job they work every weekday of the year? Don’t you want to be the employer who makes the most of this extraordinary calendar event?

Volunteering helps charities in dire need of help reach their goals, which makes our world a better place. Did you know 61% of employees who volunteer outside of work feel it improves their overall wellness, allowing them to perform better in their job? And 64% of surveyed employees said volunteering with their coworkers strengthened their work relationships.

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At CyberGrants, we’re challenging, no, inviting employers to make the most of this Leap Year by creating a workforce of Leap Day Volunteers! Reward your employees with a meaningful experience, all while giving back to the world. Who knows, it could even get you closer to meeting business goals. In a recent study of nearly 300 of the world’s largest companies, those most invested in giving back to society also experienced the strongest financial performance.

You might be wondering, where do I start? Throw together a last minute company-wide day of Leap Year Volunteering with these three steps:

  • Talk to your people: Gather your Leap Year Volunteers and get their 2 cents on which charities mean the most to them. Using anonymous surveys like TINYpulse or SurveyMonkey is a great way to encourage the utmost honesty and protect the privacy of your employees.

  • Research local charities: After taking into account which cause(s) to give to on Leap Day, look into local charities and touch base with them to see what kind of help they could use on Leap Day; if it’s a food pantry, they might need help stocking food or handing out portions to families in need or an animal shelter might need help feeding and grooming the animals.

  • Do the thing! Organize your teams to coordinate who is doing what, transportation for the day and let the Leap Year Volunteering begin!

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Make Leap Day something your employees will remember! After all, you’re already paying them for an extra day of work and it only comes around once every four years! The experience will change your teams for the better, maybe even your business goals, and your company will have a new tradition to look forward to when Leap Year rolls around again.

Want to engage employees year-round? CyberGrants is your one-stop-shop to a seamless and effective corporate philanthropy strategy. Schedule time to speak with our Client Solutions Team today.

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