Meet Bob Falk. Interview with CyberGrants’ new CTO.

Apr 19, 2016 - CyberGrants

Q. You’ve worked at established companies, founded companies, and worked at startups. Could you tell us a bit more about your background?

A. I’ve gone from international wholesale banking, to complex broadcast-quality digital video, to labor scheduling and management, to property and casualty claims processing. Regardless of the industry, I’ve focused on making the right technology choices, and creating highly productive software-development organizations that deliver phenomenal functionality and quality to the end-clients.

Q. So what attracted you to CyberGrants?

A. This is a company that’s doing something that I believe in. It’s helping other companies to make the world a better place. And I’ve had enormous experience with enterprise-class customers. I think I’m uniquely qualified for this job. In the months I’ve been here, I’ve found it quite exciting.

Q. What have you been doing since you arrived?

A. Our primary initiative right now is ensuring the technology that delivers the solutions our clients depend on is reliable and secure, with the performance they expect. Just like plugging into a wall outlet and the electricity is there, that’s how we want our clients to view CyberGrants.

Q. Any specifics that you can share?

A. It’s a major infrastructure update. We are upgrading every tier in our production data center to provide the capacity we’ll need a good four to five years out into the future. We want to be ready for the capacity increases that our clients will bring to us. Before this fall, we intend to have all those changes in place working, and working effectively.

Q. What about longer-term objectives?

A. We’re looking at new methodologies, tools and capabilities that allow development staff to be more effective. Innovative solutions that make it easier for the customers to get the information they want, in the way they want it. And further improving our software quality – something that I am passionate about!

Q. Even longer term? Ten years out?

A. We want to be the premier giving platform. There are great opportunities to do more for the applicants and the charitable organizations that benefit from our platform. But, first things first - we need to meet the needs of our primary clients before we tackle too much else.

Q. As someone new to CyberGrants, did anything surprise you about the company, about the people here?

A. I wouldn’t say surprised, but I was impressed by the caliber of people, the energy level, the excitement - it’s infectious! You can’t help but get swept up in the feeling about the commitment and purpose, and dedication to a better product for our clients.

Q. Let’s turn it the other way now. Anything about Bob Falk that others would find surprising?

A. As people get to know me, they’ll find that I am very open minded and have a whole variety of eclectic interests. My taste in people, sports, movies, music, and cuisine are all wide and varied. I try lots of things.

Q. I’m sure everyone is interested in learning more about that. So how can clients get to know you a little better?

A. Personally, I really enjoy talking with clients. It gives me a great understanding. What are their key challenges? How can we provide a better platform? So I’m definitely looking forward to the User Conference in September.

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