Company Values: Integrating Them into Your Culture

Corporate values, mission, and vision are crucial to every organization and its culture. To attract, motivate and retain top talent, company’s must incorporate company values into everyday work culture. Businesses are learning to adopt formal statements of corporate values to identify ethical behavior, honesty, integrity and social concerns. Company values enhance a businesses brand, attract new talent and retain employees.

Employees are the core of a company, therefore they should be engaged in the value creation process. Employee engagement starts with understanding the values of your employees, and working to line those up with the values of your company.

It is important to clearly communicate your company’s mission, vision and values right from the start. These “core value” or “mission statements” become the principal and fabric guide of company decisions, actions and employee behavior. If you are revamping your company’s core values, check out these ways to get started.

  • Ask your employees what their values are. Find out what kind of corporate philanthropy programs they are interested in.
  • Create a poll or questionnaire and encourage your team to share how they would like to see the company thrive. You can use free tools like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.
  • Ask them what company values matter the most to them.
  • Ask them what charities mean the most to them.

In a study conducted by Northwestern University, employees were asked which opportunities were most important to them; those surveyed said that energy efficiency initiatives, social innovation opportunities and charitable contribution matching programs were ranked the highest. Company values should be a mutual commitment by every member of the organization to operate with a common mission and by a set of core values.

Most companies have identified multiple company values, but only 2 in 5 employees say they know them.Tweet This!

On average most companies have three to seven value statements, but only two in five employees feel like they really know what their company stands for. Defining company values is a process, but it is extremely beneficial. This will strengthen your team’s sense of purpose and help to move your team in a unified direction.

Here are some questions to help define your company values:

  • What are we passionate about?
  • What do we not stand for?
  • How will we choose to give back?
  • How will we measure our company’s impact?

By integrating your mission statement into your giving program, you’ll encourage staff to have a purpose with a passion.

Ask these questions to identify the values that will resonate with your employees to increase participation.Tweet This!

Empower employees and make them feel valued at work. Happy employees are 12% more productive, while unhappy employees proved to be 10% less productive. It’s important for employees to feel they contribute to the company’s success.

Once you’ve articulated your values, listened, polled and surveyed your employees on their beliefs and values, it’s time to align them and start integrating them into your work culture!

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