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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is hard to do. It’s difficult to initiate and maintain programs, keep employees engaged, and give back to organizations that are doing the most good. Because they’re so difficult to manage, CSR programs are frequently initiated and run inefficiently and with poor organization. Often, CEOs are not even actively engaged in their own programs.

That’s where CSR software comes in; It collates the data from dozens of important categories—from giving campaigns to nominated organizations—to create comprehensive reports and metrics. CSR Software brings together the three most important aspects of corporate social responsibility: Consumers, employees, and society.

#1 - Consumers

People care about the world they live in, and they care about what the companies they support are doing. In fact, 55% of worldwide online consumers confirmed they would pay more for products and services from socially and environmentally responsible companies. CSR software helps companies communicate the positive impact their business makes in a way that benefits the consumer.

55% of consumers said they’d pay more for products from socially responsible companies. #CSRTweet This!

In order to tell the story of a CSR program, CSR software pulls data to form reports. There are standard reports that come with most software, or the reports can be customized to comply with the specific goals of the business. These reports convert to easy-to-read charts and graphs that are easily shared with your employees or clients. Your consumer can easily know how much money your company has donated, how many hours you’ve volunteered, and what organizations you give to. According to a survey by Landor Associates, 77% of consumers say it is important for companies to be socially responsible. CSR software helps you keep consumers in the know.

#2 - Employees

Employees want to work for socially responsible companies. In fact, 65% of MBAs surveyed say they want to make a social or environmental difference through their jobs. CSR software helps companies internally communicate all of the good work they’re doing, and also gives employees a direct way to participate in and guide the direction of the CSR programs.

DYK? 65% of MBAs want to make a social or environmental difference through their jobs.Share This!

Through CSR software, employees can find and sign up for local volunteering events, set personal giving goals and even nominate organizations they care about to be a part of the corporate program. Easy-to-use CSR is hugely beneficial to companies and employees. Out of 59 interviewed companies, 51 believed that CSR helped their employees to be happier. Even more impressive, 49 believed that they are able to attract better employees because of CSR.

#3 - Society

CSR—and great CSR software—helps companies to take responsibility for the impact of their activities on society, as well as the environment. When corporations engage in CSR, they’re taking steps to go beyond what they do and actually improve the quality of life for their employees, local communities, and the society at large.

Indeed, through CSR software, CEOs and high-level managers can find out what matters most to their employees, and by extension, the community. When employees nominate organizations for donations, they’re communicating what society could benefit from most, whether it’s help at a local soup kitchen, or working to clean up a nearby lake. Ice cream maker Haagen-Dazs started a social media campaign and donated money to save honeybee populations. The Body Shop, creators of luxurious soaps, took a firm stance against animal testing and started a fair trade program.

Building an effective CSR program is difficult, but the benefits to consumers, your employees, and society at large make the efforts worth it. CSR Software helps you bring all the benefits together in one easy-to-manage system. Whatever cause you’re passionate about, CSR software can help you get there.

Interested in making a difference? CyberGrants has highly customizable CSR software to get you on your way and can simplify many other components of your programming as well. CyberGrants is a one-stop shop for all engagement, philanthropy, and CSR needs. Contact us to learn why companies everywhere are choosing CyberGrants!

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