Approximately $4 billion is raised through workplace giving annually. That’s a lot of money to raise, and there are a lot of different ways to make it happen. Your company may already do gift-matching, product donations, or volunteering events, but one of the best ways to engage employees and give back is to hold fundraising events to benefit a local charity. If you’re looking for high-impact events, we’ve compiled the best for you:


What you need:

  • Raffle tickets
  • Prizes
  • Energy!

One of the easiest fundraisers you can host is a raffle; you have the potential to get everything you need donated!

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Local businesses love to get involved in charity because it’s free publicity. When hosting a raffle fundraiser, you can capitalize on that by asking them to donate prizes. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to convince a local print shop to donate the tickets.

With such a low overhead cost, the biggest lure of hosting a raffle over other types of fundraising is the potential for extremely high profits. The more prizes you can offer, the better off your fundraiser will be. Attendees will be more likely to buy tickets if they feel their chances of winning are higher. TIP: Be sure to check local laws regarding raffles!

Silent Auction

What you need:

  • Prizes
  • Bidding sheets
  • Tables
  • A space
  • Food and Drink

Silent auctions are a bit more complex than raffles. You can still get all the prizes donated, but setting everything up takes a little more effort. For example, a good starting price must be established for each item. We suggest setting the price at 25%-30% of the market value.

A silent auction is a great idea for a corporation with a more serious employee base. Raffles, wine tastings, and parties can get loud and exciting, which is great—they’re just not for everyone. Silent auctions, because of their “silent” nature, tend to stay more subdued.

Wine Tasting

What you need:

  • A local wine retailer
  • Wine wholesalers
  • A local cheese shop/bakery/restaurant
  • Some (of-age) servers

Have a look at your company culture: do many of your employees enjoy wine? If so, this one is a no-brainer; it will be a piece of cake to get attendees. It’s such a popular event that you will likely even be able to pull in people outside of your supporter base to attend.

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Get sponsors to donate to bring in wine for employees to try out and purchase. A percentage of the sold bottles can go to the specified charity. You could even see if one of the sponsors is willing to donate space for the event.

5 Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Fashion Show

What you need:

  • Donated/created clothing
  • Models
  • An event space
  • Tickets
  • An in at your local university or college

If you want a really big, sensational event that appeals to a younger crowd, the fashion show fundraiser might be right for you. It will take several months of advance planning, but it could result in tons of money raised, more engaged employees, and a great PR event for your company.

One great idea (if you can get them interested) is to have your employees model the clothing. Family and friends will flock to the event to see your employees strut their stuff on the runway. This is also a great opportunity for local business that donate clothing, because they can get their items back at the end of the show.

T-Shirt Drive

What you need:

  • A design
  • People who wear T-shirts
  • A website or local shop to order from

From CEO to lowly intern, everyone wears a T-shirt now and then. For whatever cause you choose, it’s easy to whip up a simple design and find a business that will put it on a T-shirt for you. The shirts may cost $10-$15, but when you mention that it’s for a good cause, you should be able to sell them around the office for $30.


What you need:

  • Shoes
  • A track
  • A nice day

Promote charitable giving and an active lifestyle with a Walkathon! All you have to do is find a local track (at a gym, high school, etc) that you can use for a night. Have your employees go to their friends and family members to get sponsorships. Sponsors donate a small amount of money ($3-$7) for each mile the employee walks.

Trivia Night

What you need:

  • A Quiz
  • A local pub or coffee shop
  • Team spirit

If you’ve noticed a bit of healthy competition forming between some departments in the office, a Trivia Night might be ideal. For an entry fee, each department can enter as a team for a trivia competition at a local restaurant. You may have to rent it out, but some restaurants have deals for charitable events. The teams can compete to win a donation to the charity of their choosing.

Corporate Recipe Book

What you need:

  • Employees who like to cook
  • A print shop

As far as time and effort go, this one is on the low end. Have each of your employees bring in a recipe: Something they’re famous for in the office, something their grandmother made, or anything else that’s meaningful to them. Compile all of the recipes in a book, and take them to the print shop to be made. Employees can then sell the recipe book to friends and family, with all the proceeds going to the charity of choice.

Charity Concert

What you need:

  • A local up-and-coming band
  • A venue
  • Tickets
  • Refreshments

Is there a band or cover band in town that all of your employees seem to be talking about? Reach out and book them for a show—they may be willing to reduce the booking price since it’s for a good cause. Sell tickets to the event, and have food or drink vendors attend the event. They may be willing to donate a portion of their proceeds to charity as well!

Charity Art Show

What you need:

  • Local artists
  • A venue
  • Tickets

Whether it’s some of your employees or kids from the local art college, it’s likely you know a few creative people who are looking to showcase their work. Reach out and see if the artists would like to donate work to sell for charity, or at least donate a portion of their profits. Set all the artists up at a venue (it could even be your own office!) and sell tickets to the public.

Office Garage Sale

What you need:

  • Used/unwanted items
  • Your own office

Everyone has things lying around their house that they don’t really need. Have your employees bring some of their unwanted things into the office on a Saturday and open it up to the public. Employees can buy from each other, the public can buy, and all the profits can go to charity.

Penny Jar

What you need:

  • A jar
  • Loose change

Not all fundraisers have to be big events. Sometimes all it takes is a jar and a commitment to giving. Place the jar at the front of the office and encourage employees to put their change in it whenever they get a few extra pennies. Each little bit adds up, and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve collected by the end.

Empty Can Collection

What you need:

  • Garbage bags
  • Cans
  • A local recycling plant

If your employees are big soda drinkers, this fundraiser is perfect. Every time they down a Doctor Pepper, have them bring the can into the office and put it in a communal collection. When they’ve filled several bags, take it to the recycling plant and collect for 5 cents a can. This fundraiser can even be ongoing—make the collection year-round!

Casual Day

What you need:

  • Nothing!

For those offices that don’t already have a casual day now and then, bribing your workers with one is a great way to raise money. Employees can work to raise a certain amount ($50 for a day, $200 for a whole week) that will buy them time to dress however they want in the office (within reason)!

Or, if you want to do it all at once: Gala

What you need:

  • Silent Auction or Raffle
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Event Space
  • and more!

A gala is easily the most complex fundraiser to throw because it comprises so many different elements. However, if pulled together correctly, it can be a big deal for your company and the community. Not only will your employees want to attend, but so will their friends and family, and many community members.

In this case, you will want your raffle or silent auction to have bigger, flashier items to help cover the cost of the additional elements. Many of these can still be donated, like food, prizes, and possibly even entertainment, but the event space and planning are still likely to cost more in the long run.

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