15 Corporate Fundraising Ideas To Implement in 2022

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Approximately $4 billion are raised through workplace giving annually, and a large chunk of that comes from corporate fundraising. That seems like a daunting number until you consider there are many ways to make it happen. 

Your company may already offer matching gifts, in-kind giving, or volunteer opportunities, which are great options. You may also be known for your holiday or year-end giving campaigns. Regardless, fundraising is not an easy undertaking. Here are some corporate fundraising initiatives you can implement to engage your employees and boost giving!

Your goals and how you measure success may vary, but the important thing is that you are tracking your impact in a meaningful way that allows you to share your story and continue to build as your programs progress.  Don't get discouraged by days that don't meet your expectations. Instead, celebrate the days that are better than you expected and be grateful for each additional dollar raised.

One of the best ways to engage employees and give back is to hold fundraising events to benefit a local charity. If you’re looking for high-impact events, we’ve compiled the best for you:

Corporate Fundraising Idea #1: Raffle

What you need:

  • Raffle tickets.
  • Prize(s)
  • Energy!

A raffle is one of the easiest fundraisers to execute; plus, you have the potential to get everything you need donated. Prizes can range from gift cards to items like a weekend getaway. It’s important to publicize the raffle well in advance and make sure people know how to purchase tickets.

Local businesses love to get involved in charity because it’s free publicity. When hosting a raffle fundraiser, you can capitalize on that by asking them to donate prizes. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to convince a local print shop to donate the tickets in exchange for some small advertising of their services. 

With such a low overhead cost, the biggest lure of hosting a raffle over other types of fundraising is the potential for extremely high profits. The more prizes you can offer, the better off your fundraiser will be. Attendees will be more likely to buy tickets if they feel their chances of winning are higher. 

TIP: Be sure to check local laws regarding raffles! Depending on the location of your company, there may be rules against raffling off items. 

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Corporate Fundraising Idea #2: Silent Auction

What you need:

  • Prizes
  • Bidding sheets
  • Tables
  • A space
  • Food and Drink

Silent auctions are similar to raffles but with a bit more work in presentation. You can still get all the prizes donated, but setting everything up takes a little more effort. Start by establishing a reasonable starting price for each item. You can even put a “buy it now” price next to each item to make it easier for people.

Make sure you have plenty of tables for bidders and a  designated space for food and drinks. This is especially important if your event is going to last for more than an hour or two. You don’t want your guests getting hungry or thirsty while they’re bidding on items!

Like raffles, silent auctions can be very profitable for your organization. The more unique the items you have up for auction, the better. If you can get a celebrity to donate a signed item or some time-sensitive experience, even better! 

One important difference between raffles and silent auctions is that you can charge a fixed price for silent auction entries. Even if the bidding sheet says $5 per entry, selling them in bulk means more money for your cause!

A silent auction is an excellent corporate fundraising idea with a more conservative employee or client base. Raffles, wine tastings, and parties can get loud and exciting, which is great—they’re just not for everyone. Silent auctions, because of their “silent” nature, tend to stay more subdued.

Corporate Fundraising Idea #3: Wine Tasting

What you need:

  • A local wine retailer
  • Wine wholesalers
  • A local cheese shop/bakery/restaurant
  • Some (of-age) servers

Have a look at your company culture: do many of your employees enjoy wine? If so, this one is a no-brainer; it will be a piece of cake to get attendees. It’s such a popular event that you will likely even be able to pull in people outside of your supporter base to attend.

You’ll need to find a local wine retailer and wholesalers, but you’re good on the rest: just get some willing volunteers (and servers), and you’re in business.

Even if not everybody in your company is into wine, it gets them out of the office and into an enjoyable atmosphere. Get sponsors to donate to bring in wine for employees to try out and purchase. A percentage of the sold bottles can go to the specified charity. You could even see if one of the sponsors is willing to donate space for the event.

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Corporate Fundraising Idea #4: Fashion Show

What you need:

  • Donated/created clothing
  • Models
  • An event space
  • Tickets
  • An in at your local university or college (for advertising)

If you want a sensational event that appeals to a younger crowd, the fashion show fundraiser might be right for you. It will take several months of planning, but it could result in tons of money raised, more engaged employees, and a great PR event for your company. 

First, start by finding a clothing retailer who might be interested in donating or sponsoring their time and clothes. You can also see if any local fashion designers would like to contribute their own pieces. Once you have the clothes, try contacting your local university about advertising your event as part of an ongoing fundraiser for school groups.

You’ll need a few models, of course, and plenty of people to help with the production. Securing an event space can be tricky, but it’s definitely worth it in order to show off your company’s newest clothes (and raise some dough while you’re at it).

One great idea (if you can get them interested) is to have your employees model the clothing. Family and friends will flock to the event to see your employees strut their stuff on the runway. The catwalk is also an exceptional opportunity for local businesses or designers who donate clothing; They get publicity and get their items back at the show’s end.


Corporate Fundraising Idea #5: T-Shirt Drive

What you need:

  • A design
  • People who wear T-shirts (Who doesn't?)
  • A website or local shop to order from

From intern to CEO, everyone wears a T-shirt now and then. Whatever the cause, a print shop can make it happen. Some even have art departments that will help you design it. The shirts can cost $10-$15, but for a good cause, you can usually sell them around the office for $25-$30.  You can also get a website set up to take orders from people outside of your company.

All you need is a good design and a few people who are willing to model them (or at least wear them for a day). You can order anywhere from 100-500 shirts, which usually takes about two weeks. The best part? You get to keep the leftovers (hint: this is a great way to fundraise for your personal cause as well!)

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Corporate Fundraising Idea #6: Walkathon

What you need:

  • Shoes
  • A track or route.
  • A nice day

Promote charitable giving and an active lifestyle with a Walkathon!. Encourage your employees to turn to their friends and family members for sponsorships. You can also solicit vendors and neighboring businesses! Sponsors donate a small amount of money (usually $3-$7) for each mile the employee walks. Ready, set, go! 

All you need for this event is a designated track or route and a good day. You can easily promote the event through social media, company intranets, and word-of-mouth. Encourage employees to get sponsorships from friends and family members, and make sure to reach out to local businesses and vendors. They’ll be more than willing to donate to this great cause.


Corporate Fundraising Idea #7: Trivia Night

What you need:

  • A Quiz
  • A local pub or coffee shop (optional)
  • Team spirit (mandatory)

If you’ve noticed a bit of healthy competition forming between some departments in the office, a Trivia Night is right up your alley. You can either host your own for a little extra prep or join a trivia competition at a local restaurant. Divvy up your teams and let your staff compete to win a donation to the charity of their choosing. Not only does hosting a trivia night benefit employees and colleagues, but it’s also a great way to network with others in the industry.

Corporate Fundraising Idea #8: Corporate Recipe Book

What you need:

  • Employees who like to cook
  • A print shop

As far as time and effort go, this one is on the low end. Have each of your employees bring in a recipe: Something they’re famous for in the office, something their grandmother made, or anything else that’s meaningful to them. Compile all of the recipes in a book, and take them to the print shop to be made. Employees can then sell the recipe book to friends and family, with all the proceeds going to the charity of choice. 

This one is basically free of charge. All you need are employees who have a passion for cooking and a print shop. Not only does this fundraiser require little effort, but it also allows employees to share a piece of their personal lives with others! 

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Corporate Fundraising Idea #9: Charity Concert

What you need:

  • An up-and-coming local band
  • A venue
  • Tickets
  • Refreshments

Is there a band in town that your employees can’t stop talking about? Reach out and book them for a show—they may be willing to reduce the booking price since it’s for a good cause. Sell tickets to the event, book food and drink vendors, and enjoy the show!

Corporate Fundraising Idea #10: Charity Art Show

What you need:

  • Local artists
  • A venue
  • Tickets

Whether it’s your own employees or students at a local art college, it’s likely you know a few creative people looking to showcase their work. Reach out and see if the artists would like to donate work to sell for charity or perhaps contribute a portion of their profits. Set all the artists up at a venue (it could even be your own office!) and sell tickets to the public. Voila! 

On that note, how are you maximizing your corporate philanthropy?


Corporate Fundraising Idea #11: Office Garage Sale

What you need:

  • Used/unwanted items
  • Your own office space

Everyone has items lying around their house that they don’t really need. Have your employees bring some of their unwanted clothing, books, toys, etc.,  into the office on a Saturday and open it up to the public. Employees can buy from each other, sell to the public, or both!

This one requires a bit of extra preparation. Reach out to employees and ask if they’d like to bring in some of their used/unwanted items for an office garage sale! Set the date up on the calendar, advertise it to the public (if you have enough space), and let everyone sell what they want. 


Corporate Fundraising Idea #12: Penny Jar

What you need:

  • A jar
  • Loose change

Not all fundraisers have to be glamorous events. Sometimes all it takes is a jar and a commitment to giving. Place the container of your choosing at the front of the office and encourage employees to add to it whenever they get a few extra pennies. Each little bit adds up, and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve collected by the end.


Corporate Fundraising Idea #13: Empty Can Collection

What you need:

  • Garbage bags
  • Cans
  • A local recycling plant

If your employees are big soda drinkers, this fundraiser is perfect. Every time they down a Pepsi, have them bring the can into the office and put it in a communal collection. When they’ve filled several bags, take them to the recycling plant and collect for 5 cents a can. This fundraiser can even be ongoing—make the collection year-round!


Corporate Fundraising Idea #14: Casual Day

What you need:

  • Nothing!

If your office isn’t already casual, you can easily deploy this fundraiser. Employees will raise a certain amount ($50 for a day, $200 for a whole week, etc.) to buy them time to dress comfortably in the office and support a good cause.

Plus: every employee wants a bit more recognition.


Corporate Fundraising Idea #15: Do it all at once with a Gala

What you need:

  • Silent Auction or Raffle
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Event Space
  • and more!

A gala is easily the most complex fundraiser to throw because it comprises so many different elements. Once you pull it off, however, it’s a big deal for your company and the community. Not only will your employees want to attend, but so will their friends, family, and community members. Once you’ve assembled all the elements, make sure to advertise it to attract as many people as possible.

In this case, you will want your raffle or silent auction to have slightly flashier items to help cover the cost of the additional elements. Many of these can still be donated, like food, prizes, and possibly even entertainment, but the event space and planning are still likely to cost more in the long run.  

Corporate fundraising works for companies of all sizes, and you can make it as big of an event or as small of an event as you’d like. Subscribe to our blog to get instant updates on more incredible ways for your company to make an impact!

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