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“Today our world is changing faster than ever before—economic, geopolitical, and environmental challenges abound. However, taking shortcuts is not the pathway to achieving sustainable competitive advantage, nor is it an avenue toward satisfying customers. In times such as these, a company must invest in the key ingredients of profitability: its people, communities, and the environment.” -Warren Buffet

Corporate Social Responsibility in Energy

The energy industry plays a singularly unique role at the intersection of serious environmental, social, and political issues. With global demand for energy growing by almost 50% between 2018 and 2050 (1), the sector is poised for significant growth.
However, unlike in years past, energy companies today must strive to meet the “triple bottom line”. They are increasingly feeling the pressure - from everyday citizens, environmental groups, government agencies, and even activist shareholders and board members - to become more attentive to global challenges such as climate change, pollution, poverty, sustainability, and development.

The American public expects energy companies to behave responsibly - from advancing sustainability efforts, to community development, to protecting all of their stakeholders’ interests.


How to Elevate Your Impact

With highly publicized instances of environmental disasters increasing in frequency and damage, and only 10 years to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, meeting goals for social and environmental impact is going to require energy companies to pursue “significant integrated measurement and reporting”, according to PwC.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a demonstration of an organization’s efforts to be socially accountable to itself, all of its stakeholders, the public, and the environment. CSR is certainly a hot topic in the energy sector, and it can be difficult for an energy company’s constituents to be assured of the efficacy of any of its CSR activities. Issues such as accountability, ROI, and the appropriate expenditure of finite resources to produce the greatest benefit are often paramount in most corporate activities. But it’s been a comparative struggle to actually implement and measure CSR solutions that direct dollars strategically to emerging needs where they do the most good —while simultaneously aligning these efforts with the company’s stated mission and values.

According to Cone’s often-cited 2015 Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study, “global consumers feel a personal accountability to address social and environmental issues and look to companies as partners in progress”. Energy companies have a tremendous opportunity to make an indelible impact on the environment and society as a whole, and with the increase in societal and environmental need, the mandate to execute CSR initiatives faster, with analysis that demonstrates effectiveness and impact have become even more critical. Knowing the precise outcomes of your current CSR initiatives will lead to scalable programs and demonstrable returns that meet all your stakeholder requirements.

CyberGrants has been working as a trusted partner with the largest providers of energy and sustainability solutions in the world, providing the reporting and auditing rigor that complements their regulatory requirements. CyberGrants’ solution offers the control and configurability for each of their important audiences. As energy companies have scaled their solutions locally, regionally, and globally to meet the ever increasing CSR demands, so have we. Today, CyberGrants energy clients give over $140M in grants annually, donate $43M in employee giving, and track over 2.3M hours of employee volunteer time.
When considering how to advance CSR programs, organizations in such highly regulated sectors as energy need to work partners that can not only help them address compliance and reporting needs, but also make what we call Agile Social Impact.

Our client companies are no longer content with simply putting programs in place and contributing xx number of dollars or volunteer hours. They have established their own mandates to accomplish real, positive impact and measurable end-results from their investment in philanthropy. They are urgently pursuing the right social causes and responding to events much more assertively than ever before. When there’s a need, they want to be there, on the front lines, now.

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