CSR’s Impact on your Employer Brand

Want to help enhance your employer brand? The best solution may lie in the CSR and philanthropy efforts that your company implements throughout the year. If you aren’t getting involved you’re missing out on attracting new employees as well as engagement and loyalty with the employees you already have. Why? Because employees want to make a difference and they feel that companies have an obligation to do what they can. 64% of job seekers won’t take a job from a company that doesn’t have strong CSR practices.

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Current employees make up the foundation of a business’ employer brand. Having high job satisfaction and high retention rates help advertise a positive employer/employee network and a productive work environment that attracts new talent. In other words, establishing CSR efforts with existing employees is advantageous to your business because it helps bolster your employer brand.


Workplace trends over the past few years show that efforts directed towards attracting Millennials are where most modern companies focus their recruitment efforts. The last batch of Millennials are just now graduating college and getting started in the workforce - and YOU want to attract them. Unfortunately, if CSR isn’t on your company’s agenda, you won’t be able to.

This new Millennial-driven workforce wants to be directly involved in a company’s CSR efforts. They want to know that their employers are doing everything they can to be more responsible, and they want the scoop on what those efforts are. 88% of Millennials think it is important their employer shares goals, progress and achievements related to CSR efforts simply because they want to be involved and act as co-creators and facilitators of these solutions. Providing transparency and collaboration in CSR-related topics is a great way to help with Millennial retention and acquisition.

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Impact Opportunities

All employees want to be involved in decision making, but they want to be able to help in their own way. Modern workers are known for their want of a manageable work-life balance; they want companies to provide opportunities to make a lasting impact on their work environment beyond the “9 to 5” work schedule. Moreso, 83% of workers wish their employer would provide volunteer opportunities they could do with friends or family.

88% of Millennials think it is important their employer shares goals, progress and achievements related to CSR efforts simply because they want to be involved.Tweet This!

By allowing your employees to participate in a variety of opportunities they can choose from, you give them options that best fit their own interests. This provides you, the employer, a way to showcase your efforts to help the community and your employees while boosting your overall employer brand.


Engaging employees is never easy. When opportunities for involvement and social responsibility are lacking, it can result in a lack of successful engagement. Implementing more CSR efforts can help inspire and transform how your employees interact within the company. The modern workforce is more likely to be motivated by opportunities that help them feel important to the survival of the company. 87% of employees state personal recognition as one of the most important motivation aspects of job satisfaction. In other words, implementing CSR efforts that include employees helps improve job satisfaction and works to increase employee retention.CG-Millennials-CSR-Efforts-Social-Image

Creating CSR efforts that cater to your employees’ interests helps them make a difference and better engage with your business. They also skyrocket your employer brand. Unsure how to make a CSR strategy that works for you? Download our CSR Planner to stay on track and build a plan that works to help your business community!


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