CyberGrants 2023 Roadmap Webinar Recap

Over the past several months, the team at CyberGrants has delivered to our products impactful new features and functionalities like digital wallets, a matching gift integration with EveryAction, and community impact dashboards, just to name a few. Not only are we continuing to enhance our platform, but we also shared that we're joining forces with WeSpire to expand Bonterra’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) solutions and help our customers transform their approach to social impact, allowing them to efficiently deliver programs that power lasting change.  

During our latest roadmap session, we shared a recap of recently rolled out features and gave a sneak preview of what’s in store the second half of 2023. If you’re a current CyberGrants customer and missed the session, you can view the full recording here.  

If you aren’t a current customer or you don’t have time to watch the full session, we’ve got you covered. Explore the highlights, key takeaways, and frequently asked questions in this blog!  


Recently Released Features 

Earlier this year, we released several new features and updated key capabilities to help your business boost employee engagement, report impact, and deepen nonprofit partnerships. Keep reading to discover what you may have missed!  


Enhanced Features for Dollars for Doers 

We’ve added several new features to our Dollars for Doers portal that aim to provide an even better experience for our customers and their employees by further extending the impact of their contributions to the community. Some of these enhancements include:  

  1. Enhanced Dollars for Doers portlet: This portlet allows employees to easily access dollars for doers information on the relevant page of their donor portal and monitor progress toward match eligibility.  
  2. Configurable experience: You can now customize how volunteer hours are handled, empower employees to give to an organization of their choice, expand your eligibility timelines, and align with corporate branding through customizable messaging and button labels.
  3. Updated email features: You now have the ability to send email reminders to encourage participation by driving employees back to the donor portal to redeem their volunteer matches. You'll also have the flexibility to configure the content and subject of the reminder emails, or we have standard content that you can leverage.  

Additional Donation Methods 

Digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are now available as browser and mobile payment options for employees participating in credit card giving programs. This feature helps improve the donation experience by providing convenient and secure payment methods and maximizes impact in giving programs.  

To learn more about the importance of flexible donation methods and how they can benefit both corporations and nonprofits, check out our recent blog post, “Roadmap Updates for 2023 and Beyond.” 


Matching Gift Integration  

Earlier this year, we announced a matching gift integration with EveryAction, now a part of Bonterra, to capture employees’ interest in matching their donations directly on nonprofits’ online donation forms.  

To learn more about this exciting feature, how it works, and why it's important for corporations and nonprofits alike, check out our recent blog post, “Amplify Employee Giving Through a Matching Gift Integration with EveryAction.”  


Community Impact Dashboards 

We recently updated our Insights solution with two new Community Impact dashboards, which are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of your CSR initiatives. This is achieved by allowing users to easily aggregate and visualize grantmaking and volunteerism activities at the community level, revolutionizing how you measure and demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility.   

If you are a current Insights user, check out our one-pager to learn more about how you can harness the power of community impact data. If you are not an Insights user, schedule a personalized walkthrough to see how it can help you organize, optimize, and adapt your programs faster than ever before.  


FrontDoor Sandbox Environment 

With this feature, our corporate customers have the ability to create their own FrontDoor test organization in a shared customer-specific environment. The test organization allows corporate funders to navigate FrontDoor from the perspective of a nonprofit, ultimately allowing funders to better understand the nonprofit experience when submitting grant proposals or confirming matching gifts.  


Partnership with WeSpire 

Earlier this year, we shared the exciting news that WeSpire is joining the Bonterra family. Through this strategic acquisition, we will have the ability to expand our platform, helping our customers drive deeper social impact.   

To learn more about this exciting partnership and how it has the potential to unlock unimagined possibilities, check out Bonterra’s press release.  


Projected Pledge Reporting 

CyberGrants’ Employee Engagement dashboard is one of our most popular standard offerings. And after collecting feedback from customers, we’ve identified opportunities for improvements related to tracking payroll pledges.  

Through these conversations, we learned that the existing Employee Engagement dashboard has been great for “in the moment” reports, but many users are missing the ability to accurately calculate the number of remaining pledges that have yet to become gifts. To address this issue, we’ve added a “Projected Pledge Amount” dashboard. When an admin selects their preferred campaign or pledge end date from the new standard filter, they will now be able to confidently project the potential impact of future pledges. 


Upcoming Product Investments  

While our recently released features offer incredible opportunities for increasing impact, driving deeper employee engagement, and building nonprofit partnerships, it’s only just a glimpse of what we have planned! Throughout the rest of 2023, we’re focused on exploring even more ways we can support our customers and building meaningful products to meet their needs. Keep reading to see what’s in store for the rest of the year.  


Employee Resource Groups 

Over the past several months, our team has been collaborating with a select group of customers to create a new module that allows users to conduct Employee Resource Group (ERG) activities through a central CSR platform. With the acquisition of WeSpire, we’re currently exploring ways we can leverage WeSpire’s existing, robust ERG functionality to support our customers’ ERG and DEIB needs. 


Global Giving and International Employees 

We know that providing an equitable employee giving experience is critical for our customers, especially those with a global presence. The team at CyberGrants is currently identifying partnerships and opportunities that will allow us to expand the employee engagement experience for non-U.S. employees with the ability to accept and disburse payments in even more countries across the globe.   

Some of the benefits we’re looking to offer include:  

  1. Increase program equity by supporting international donations via credit card.  
  2. Utilize a pre-vetted list of international nonprofits.  
  3. Capture and distribute funds around the globe quickly and securely.

Matching Gift Enhancements 

Many of our customers rely on matching gift customizations, which makes it difficult for administrators to implement program changes when the need to pivot arises. Our team is working on a series of enhancements to improve how matching gift programs are created and administered in the platform, ultimately reducing customizations and putting more power in the hands of program administrators. To do so, they’re focusing on three areas of improvement:  

  1. Speed and time to value: We’re working to identify and eliminate the most common factors that contribute to customizations. We're focused on solving use cases with simple configurations in the user interface. For example, you’ll be able to easily configure your donor match limits across matching gift programs or disaster relief initiatives without needing to coordinate development changes as you update your programs in the future. 
  2. Ease of use: We’re building a new, user-friendly interface, which will provide a seamless experience for managing various business rules around your matching gift programs and campaigns. This interface is specifically designed with usability in mind to be intuitive, purpose-built, and ensure a smooth and straightforward workflow.   
  3. Confidence and consistency: We’re introducing key features that are designed to help administrators build confidence and maintain consistency across various initiatives. For example, we're adding the ability to build and save “Donor Segments.” These will be saved sets of eligibility criteria for your donor population which can be reused across any of your programs and campaigns. As a result, you reduce repetitive work, eliminate manual error and ensure consistency.  

Standardized E-Signature Integration 

Through the CyberGrants platform, users can integrate their system with eSignature providers (e.g., DocuSign) to sign and execute agreements while complying with industry and region-specific standards for electronic signatures and ID verification. We're standardizing the e-signature integration with a simplified process and new user interface, minimizing dependency on your CyberGrants team.  

The standardized integration will streamline setup and provide greater visibility into the status of documents as they move through the signature process. It will also feature a simplified template management process that will allow users to edit documents, map merge fields, and choose when in the process to send the letters, ultimately ensuring that you’re sending the right documents to the right organizations quickly and easily.   


Enhanced Audit Capabilities 

Based on customer feedback, we’re currently exploring ways we can enhance our auditing capabilities within the grants management platform.  

We know that having confidence in the accuracy and security of your data is paramount. So, we’re investigating ways we can strengthen the product to give you better insight into how your data or system configuration has changed. This will allow you to pinpoint gaps in your processes, understand where requests may be lagging, and troubleshoot issues as they arise without needing to open a support ticket. As a result, you’ll feel confident in the reports that you’re creating for required audits.    


Donor Cohort Analysis Dashboard 

Within Insights, we’re always searching for ways to elevate the data that already exists and package and present it back to users in a way that enables data-driven decisions and promotes confidence.  

We’re working to create a new standard Insights dashboard that will help administrators understand giving trends across their employee base. To do so, we’ll be establishing a predefined set of cohorts for grouping donors based on behavior, including the recency, frequency, and monetary value of their donations.  

By identifying cohorts and attributing donor activity to each cohort, administrators can better understand the types of donors at their organization as well as which cohort contributes the most to various programs and campaigns. As a result, administrators can make real-time decisions based on donor behavior, which is displayed within the dashboard.  


Expanded Nonprofit Profiles in FrontDoor 

To increase collaboration between grantmakers and grantees, we’ve invested in FrontDoor product enhancements that make it easier for both stakeholders to securely share information and determine program eligibility.    

 As a part of this investment, we’re working to build the FrontDoor organization profiles under a new, more expandable architecture. In doing so, we’ll be able to increase the data we’re providing for each nonprofit in our system, including qualifications like certifications and DEI metrics.  

Our goal is to deliver meaningful improvements in managing organization records so that both nonprofits and corporations can reduce the operating costs and administrative burden often associated with processing gifts and managing grant applications. As a result, we hope that these improvements will allow you to maximize the gifts you make to each of your nonprofit partners.   


Employee Engagement Data Sharing 

To create a single source of truth for all internal data, we’re expanding our existing data-sharing capability, Snowflake. This tool allows users to transfer CyberGrants data into their own warehouse and integrate it with internal Business Intelligence (BI) tools.  

We currently offer this capability within our grants management platform and we’re expanding it to incorporate all employee engagement programs related to giving and volunteering. Once this is complete, users will have the ability to access data across their full suite of CSR programs in one sharing solution.  


External Data Imports 

This year, we’re focused on empowering our customers to do more with configurations rather than relying on customizations. To support these efforts, we’re investigating administrative elements that may be overly time-consuming and tedious. We quickly discovered that importing data from sources like Human Resources (HR) or Accounts Payable (AP) feeds is often a bottleneck for many of our users.  

To alleviate these issues, we’re exploring ways that we can create tools to enable users to import data on their own rather than relying on an upfront customization, which will eventually require assistance from the CyberGrants team when updates or changes need to be made.  

Overall, we’re focused on building an intuitive interface that enables users to confidently make changes directly through the application.  


Audience Q&A Session 

Want a sneak peek of what we chatted about at the live event? Check out some of the questions and answers from our 2023 Product Roadmap Webinar: 

Is the eSignature feature exclusively available for Adobe and DocuSign? 

Yes, we are launching the feature with Adobe and DocuSign integrations, but we have plans to expand to additional vendors over time.  

When will the standardized eSignature feature be released? 

We recently completed the discovery process for this feature, and it is in the early stages of development. As a result, the timeframe for release is currently undetermined.  

Is there anything being developed for international payroll deduction capabilities? 

We're starting our global giving expansion with credit card giving for international employees. However, we have heard that there is a desire for expanded options and are willing to explore those possibilities during a later phase.  

Are there any updates on the employee volunteerism platform?   

As we begin building the 2024 roadmap, we’re exploring ways we can grow and improve the platform. More to come for volunteerism!  

How can CyberGrants users expect to leverage the WeSpire ERG platform?  

Today, CyberGrants customers can take advantage of the WeSpire ERG solution, though there is not currently an integration in place. We are exploring what a seamless user experience between these two products looks like over time, but that should not prevent any of our customers from utilizing these ERG capabilities from WeSpire today!  As we progress our discovery efforts, we will continue to share updates with you.  

What is the biggest difference between CyberGrants and WeSpire? Is there a crossover between the two platforms? 

Both WeSpire and CyberGrants offer employee giving and volunteerism solutions. The largest difference is that WeSpire has additional capabilities that CyberGrants doesn’t have such as sustainability and wellness campaigns. We’re excited to explore how CyberGrants users can leverage these platforms in the future!  


Next Steps 

If you’re a current CyberGrants customer and are excited about some of the upcoming product investments and feature updates, we’d love you to participate in our discovery efforts! Click here and fill out the survey to get involved. You can also access the full product roadmap session here 

If you aren’t a part of the Bonterra family yet, but you’re looking to take your corporate social responsibility efforts to the next level, tour the product or contact CyberGrants today.  

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