CyberGrants Insights: Bring your data to life

This deep analytics solution lets you organize, optimize, adapt and enable programs faster than ever before with a hands-on approach to understanding and exploring your data for real-time decision making and rapid response when emerging needs arise.

The vision for CyberGrants Insights was born during the first-ever virtual Social Impact Leadership Conference (SILC)  last summer. It’s no secret that 2020 was a year of momentous change, from a nationwide lockdown and months of social distancing to global protests calling for racial equality. As a result, corporations launched COVID-19 campaigns and began implementing and expanding their social justice programs. Across the US, nearly every corporation brought racial equity to the forefront of its CSR campaigns. But how do we measure the impact of these programs? How do we measure equity? CyberGrants Insights was developed in response to these very questions. 

Gathering data from your CSR campaigns is only the tip of the iceberg. While collecting and reporting data is crucial, it is inherently biased. It merely shows what we already know, but what happens if you want to explore? What if you want to steer and innovate your CSR programs? What if you want to measure your impact? The data alone isn’t enough. CyberGrants Insights allows you to do more with your data by providing you with tools to be agile in your CSR efforts. 

How Insights Works: 

Before you can begin exploring, analyzing, and engaging with your data, it’s essential to compile all your information into a standard dashboard. CyberGrants Insights is laying the groundwork to give you the ability to merge your CyberGrants transactional information with additional data including web analytics, support statistics, census data, and industry benchmarking information. Stay tuned for updates on how you can organize and enrich your data within the platform, making it more accessible and allowing for visualization and exploration!

The simple, user-friendly visualizations are where insights are derived- this is where we measure impact. Within the Insights dashboard, your data becomes accessible through color-coded bar charts, pie graphs, and maps to spark curiosity and promote exploration. The simplicity of the interface aids in highlighting issues and shortcomings as well as the positive impacts of your CSR programs. Until now, finding trends amongst sets of data was akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. With CyberGrants Insights, you can easily filter your data by type to quickly visualize and understand those trends. But most importantly, the organized data structure and visualizations are how you measure the impact of your CSR efforts. 

How to Leverage CyberGrants Insights 

Reduce Your Administrative Burden: Shorten the time spent on report configuration and manual manipulation with at-a-glance monitoring of throughput by status, region, focus area, dollar amount threshold, and more. 

Take Control of Compliance: Measure and track compliance and funding metrics (i.e., equitable funding) across all of your programs including grants, employee giving, and volunteerism — all in one place. 

Accelerate Your Decision Making: Uncover immediate insights to support real-time decision-making with accurate data at your fingertips. 

Optimize and Adapt Your Programs: Take a data-driven approach to strategically adapt and optimize your programs by combining traditional CSR data with web and support analytics. 

Enhance Your Data: Utilize census and demographic data to align matching gift and grant program spend with strategic initiatives, identify emerging trends, and identify deviations quickly for immediate action. 

Measure and Share Your Impact: Distribute high-quality visualizations of your data story with greater precision and dimension for better collaboration with individual and departmental stakeholders. Share a true view of how your funding is making an impact at local and global levels. 

Utilize Customized Dashboards: Access vital data at a glance, formatted in standard reports such as Grants Cycle Timelines and Performance, Payment Processing, Budgeting Tracking, Capacity Planning, Internal User, Nonprofit Eligibility, and In-kind/Product for time-saving convenience, efficiency, and reliability. 

Explore More: Evaluate your program performance in real-time with informational reports based upon predefined questions. And leverage interactive data visualizations that allow you to drill down into data so you can develop new strategies and insights.

What our customers have to say:

“This is amazing… I am seeing weeks of my time coming back to me”

“This aligns perfectly with how we’ve been trying to analyze our programs, particularly as we continue to focus heavily on diversity and inclusion.”

Ready to start your Insights journey? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to get started:

  1. What dashboards will make my job more efficient, and do I have the ability to build these on my own?
  2. What data is leadership most interested in seeing?
  3. Am I able to easily answer all questions directed to me regarding CSR data?
  4. As the complexity of my programs grows, do I have the ability to see across all of them and watch trends?
  5. Do I need to compare my CSR data with other data either publicly available or company-specific?

Time to bring your data to life! To get started, register for our webinar

Join us with Eric Cajolet, Solution Architect at CyberGrants, on Thursday, June 24th, 2021 to learn the ins and outs of CyberGrants Insights and the rising importance of analytics in the philanthropy space. 

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