CyberGrants is launching a new multi-faceted customer training initiative: IncredibleU

Get practical training videos, live Q+A sessions, pro tips and so much more!

CyberGrants is a remarkably robust platform, which means there can be a lot to learn and remember. On the other hand, there are endless opportunities to enable best practices and leverage CyberGrants functionality to expand, improve and level up your programs.

“Over my three years at CyberGrants, I have witnessed our clients’ tremendous focus and dedication as administrators, managers, and business owners. Their duty to achieve, and exceed, their social impact objectives is unmatched,” says Pete Karns, SVP, Product & Client Services. 

Here at CyberGrants, we eat, sleep and breathe innovation at the intersection of corporate social responsibility and technology. This passion for providing our customers with cutting edge technology undoubtedly comes with a need to provide tools to ensure success. 

As partners in your philanthropy mission, CyberGrants is thoroughly invested in helping our customers realize incredible outcomes from the use of our software.  We feel personally responsible for making sure you have the resources you need to be successful.  This has been a major driver behind the effort to provide our customers, administrators, managers and business owners, with more timely access to vital information.

The CyberGrants Help Center provides a rich set of how to and learning topics, across the range of CyberGrants functionality. The Help Center includes a robust knowledge base containing over 200 articles and videos. You can browse the menu of knowledge base categories or you can simply search using a question or a keyword. In addition, the Help Center provides online access for viewing and creating new support requests. 

The Help Center was the first step. There is more to do!

We are excited to announce IncredibleU, an engaging new series of topical and instructional training videos being launched this month.  These videos will be available via a live webcast, during which you can ask questions and receive answers in real-time. The combination of the training videos, along with the live questions and answer sessions, will then be available for viewing in the Help Center.   

The videos will cover short and specific topics, including an overview and demonstration. We’ll be getting started by tackling topics in reporting, email events, organization management, approval rules, payment batching. In addition we will cover new features to ensure you are getting the most out of each new product release. The schedule for the webcasts training topics will be posted in the Help Center.

We know that learning is a journey, based upon many variables. As we think about role-based learning content, assessments, and training delivery there are many factors to enabling you, our clients. It is our goal to provide you with relevant content, in an easily digestible format, that can be immediately applied to improve your day to day function. 

With this in mind, CyberGrants  will focus on learning ‘pathways’, supported by new types of content, and specific delivery formats, including digital and in-person.  We are excited about bringing engaging, effective programs to our clients, and helping the more easily make incredible happen., 

In short, and in our native Boston tongue, our objective is to enable you to be ‘wicked smaht’ about CyberGrants. Through new content in the Help Center, and through IncredibleU, we’ll be providing more options for learning to best suit your needs. Whether you are brand new to CyberGrants, or a well experienced administrator seeking to sharpen your skills in a specific area, we will have an option to fit you and the various skill levels of your team.

The first IncredibleU session will be an overview of reporting and report types on Thursday, 2/27 at 11 AM EST. Keep your eyes peeled for more information and how to attend the session. We hope you’ll join us on this incredible learning journey!

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