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Q. What should I know about CyberGrants?

A. CyberGrants is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for corporate social responsibility (CSR). CyberGrants’ mission is to provide innovative software and services in the most secure and efficient way; connect the world’s givers to those who can benefit from them most. Since its founding in 1999, CyberGrants has delivered fully-hosted web-based SaaS solutions to many of the largest companies and foundations in the world, including 40% of the Fortune 100. In the past 12 months alone, CyberGrants’ integrated grants management and employee engagement software has processed nearly $6 billion in donations and 50,000,000 volunteer hours.

Q. What does the acquisition mean for CyberGrants and its clients?

A. The merger will make CyberGrants the world’s largest single-platform provider of Grants Management and Employee Engagement software. The increased scale will allow for even more investment in technology and R&D to better meet clients’ growing needs. The breadth and depth of the expanded client base (nearly 500 clients across all industries) will allow for better benchmarking, something that’s increasingly important as clients look for ways to measure the impact of their respective programs.

Q. What changes are expected for current CyberGrants’ Clients?

A. CyberGrants clients will continue to be serviced on CyberGrants software and by their same account managers. Most CyberGrants employees will not be directly involved with implementing the merger; instead, they will continue to focus on providing best in class service for their clients.

Q. What does this mean for JK clients? Will my service and software change?

A. JK clients will continue to maintain their relationships with their existing account managers. CyberGrants plans to maintain the current JK solutions and clients who are using Easy Match and/or Consiva will still be able to do so. They will also have the option of switching to CyberGrants software with minimal effort/obstacles. It will be the clients’ choice based on their preferences and requirements.

Q. How has CyberGrants prepared for the integration of these companies?

A. Most JK Group employees will stay in their current roles and will continue to service JK Group clients. Additionally, CyberGrants has developed detailed integration plans across all aspects of the business, including data center operations, support, human resources, finance, etc. CyberGrants has appointed Andrew Pahl, Director of Technical and Project Management, as the lead point person for integration.

Q. Will JK Group’s Princeton, NJ office remain open?

A. Yes, we will continue to have employees working at the Princeton, NJ office servicing JK Group’s clients.

Q. Does this change anything about the CyberGrants User Conference in September 2016?

A. The CyberGrants User Conference will continue as planned, September 18-20 in Boston. We plan to have content targeted towards new and prospective clients as well as veteran clients. Please reach out to your account manager for registration details.

Q. Who will be leading the new CyberGrants?

A. Mark Layden, CEO of CyberGrants, will lead the new, combined company. Mark brings over 25 years of leadership experience within the application software industry, including at both start-up companies as well as large, global enterprises such as SAP, FICO, and Applied Systems.

After his successful four year tenure as CEO of JK Group, Robert Farina, will be leaving the company to pursue other interests. We wish him all the best on his next chapter!

Read the press release

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