Deepen Your Commitment to CSR With Community Impact Dashboards

In early 2020, the team at CyberGrants dreamed up an analytics solution that would change the way corporations and foundations understand their impact, make near-real-time decisions, and measure equity. The goal was to create a solution that would empower our customers to make data-driven decisions and build meaningful programs to address top-of-mind issues.  

Nearly a year later, we launched CyberGrants Insights, a solution that enables organizations to compile all of their program data—from employee giving and volunteering to grantmaking—into a standard dashboard with the ability to merge CyberGrants transactional information with web analytics, support statistics, location-based census data, and industry benchmarking information. As a result, users can unlock a new way to explore, analyze, and engage with their data.  

Since we launched Insights in 2021, we’ve been exploring ways that we can scale the solution to offer users even more ways to analyze their giving and volunteerism efforts, ultimately providing them with the information and tools that are necessary to maximize impact. Today, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to Insights: Community Impact dashboards.  


Harness the Power of Community Impact Data 

The Community Impact dashboards are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This is achieved by allowing users to easily aggregate and visualize grantmaking and volunteerism activities at the community level, revolutionizing how you measure and demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility.  

Here are three ways that Community Impact dashboards can unlock a new way to understand your corporation’s community impact:  

  1. Ensure accurate tracking with location-based fields. Leverage census-based fields with geocoding, providing you with additional information on your CSR initiatives that may have influenced low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities. 
  2. Streamline program data aggregation. The dashboards seamlessly integrate with CyberGrants’ grants management and volunteerism solutions so you can track your impact across various CSR initiatives. 
  3. Foster a greater sense of transparency. Access program data in an easy-to-understand format, enabling you to identify trends, measure progress, and communicate your impact effectively to your stakeholders.

With this single dashboard in hand, users can visually summarize the communities or areas that have been impacted by volunteer hours or approved grants. For corporations looking to better understand how their programs impact communities in need, this tool will be critical for tracking results and developing meaningful reports.  


Seamlessly Visualize CRA-Qualifying Activities  

At CyberGrants, we support nine out of the top 10 U.S. banks. So, we recognize the importance of having the ability to track Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)-eligible activities and easily report impact across LMI communities. Earlier this year, we updated Insights to add census-based fields to supplement geocoding, allowing users to report on CRA-qualifying activities in local communities with greater accuracy and efficiency. But this was only the beginning!  

With the addition of Community Impact dashboards to our Insights solution, users can aggregate and visualize CRA-qualifying activities at the community level across grantmaking and volunteering programs. These dashboards aim to simplify the process of gathering and analyzing CRA data by offering the ability to layer your own custom CRA fields and filters into the dashboards, as well as the ability to track progress against your CRA goals.   

Here are two ways that that the Community Impact dashboards are uniquely positioned to support our banking customers:  

  1. Gain powerful insights through intuitive visualizations. Access your CRA-qualifying activities in an easy-to-understand format, enabling you to streamline reporting, track progress against your CRA goals, and communicate your impact on LMI communities effectively to your stakeholders.  
  2. Bring your data into one, unified warehouse. The dashboards seamlessly integrate with CyberGrants’ grants management and volunteerism solutions allowing you to aggregate CRA-qualifying activities across various CSR initiatives, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your community involvement.  

While the Community Impact dashboards unlock a streamlined way to measure and track CRA goals in CyberGrants, they also offer a plethora of benefits for our non-banking customers. To learn more about how they may be uniquely positioned to help your organization, schedule a personalized walkthrough today.  

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