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Four Trends Dramatically Reshaping Corporate Philanthropy and Why Agile Social Impact is Critically Important 

You see it: The need for corporate philanthropy is skyrocketing. Worthy, urgent causes appear literally overnight. And enterprises like yours are responding in a big way, generating positive impact for a host of beneficiaries via grantmaking, employee donations and volunteer programs.

But today it’s no longer enough to simply put programs in place and then to contribute “XX” number of dollars or “XX” volunteer hours. We must direct dollars and resources strategically to where they’ll do the most good, and in a way that aligns with your organization’s missions and values

How do you do it? By achieving Agile Social Impact. Tightly align your philanthropy efforts with your corporate objectives, respond faster when the need is greatest, and maximize the impact of your donations.

Be nimble. Be quick. Be now. Organizations realizing Agile Social Impact accomplish real, positive impact and measurable end-results from their investment in philanthropy. They are not just making contributions but addressing urgent needs. Pouncing instantly and responding with a variety of connected programs and resources. Get more bang. And more benefit. For your beneficiaries and your organization. As they say, “win-win.”

In this guide you will learn:Four-Trends-Cover

  • What are the four trends reshaping corporate philanthropy
  • How they each can improve impact for your CSR initiatives
  • How to leverage technology to maximize agile social impact

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