Empowering Nonprofits and Shifting the Corporate Mindset

Safe, efficient, effective philanthropy is essential for all, from corporations to foundations, to create meaningful impact through corporate giving programs. A key component to achieving this is through empowering our nonprofits. The giving process doesn't stop with your company sending money to the nonprofit organization (NPO). Companies and NPOs want each dollar to go further, faster. Reducing the time and effort of processing gifts and awarding funds quickly can be a game changer for the causes you support. Empowering NPOs to be more efficient and effective enhances the relationships between companies and NPOs, and drives greater overall impact.

Corporations need to shift their mindset. The giving process does not end with a check being sent to a cause.

“We used to think the NPO was merely the outcome at the end of the donation process in our Visio diagram. That simply is not true. We want to change the way we do things so NPOs can change the world.”

-Mark Layden, CyberGrants CEO

At CyberGrants, we think of nonprofit empowerment as our commitment to work closely with nonprofit organizations to reduce administrative costs, simplify the disbursement process and facilitate collaboration. The way nonprofits interact with the CyberGrants platform is not only important to us but we know it is important to our clients. Caring about nonprofits is an investment in improving how the giving ecosystem operates from a holistic approach.

Nonprofit and charitable organizations large and small often times have limited administrative resources, so managing things like staffing turnover and multiple locations can be difficult. The primary focus should be their causes, not the burdens of administrative duties, so the funds you and your employee’s give can make the most impact possible.

Everyone suffers when the focus shifts from making an impact to tracking down a lost check sent to an incorrect location, reaching out to confirm the status of a payout or trying to access an application completed by someone who is no longer associated with the respective nonprofit organizations. Disruptions in the process take invaluable resources away from doing the work that really matters.

CyberGrants’ has always been supportive and conscious of how nonprofits interact with the platform, but it’s time to step it up. We are taking that holistic vision for corporate social responsibility to the next level. We want to eliminate these pain points from the process, reducing both cost and administrative burden. This will not only exponentially improve the experience for nonprofits, but for grants administrators and program managers as well, resulting in improved efficiency for the entire giving ecosystem.

We want nonprofits, large and small, to take control of their profiles within CyberGrants, managing administrative rights, keeping their contact, location and banking information update. This includes the ability to self serve for status updates, on demand access to tax receipts and so much more.

How CyberGrants reduces administrative burden for NPOs:

  • Authorized nonprofit administrators can leverage a single set of credentials to access gifts across multiple programs and company profiles
  • Self-manage authorized users and roles within the nonprofit organization
  • Ability to search over 1.7M nonprofit organizations listed with the Internal Revenue Service and either claim ownership of the Tax ID or request access from an existing administrator
  • Tools to review and approve gift confirmations – either individually or in bulk across all companies CyberGrants serves
  • Clear dashboards outlining payment and employee details as well as the ability to download them to Excel or CSV
  • One-stop updates to a nonprofit organization's profile and banking information that are automatically reflected across all of CyberGrants
  • Improved experience and efficiency for nonprofits by removing the need to log into multiple websites and maintain multiple sets of credentials
  • Allow organizations to search quickly locate gifts

How CyberGrants customers benefit from non-profit empowerment:

  • More impact with every dollar given
  • Improved corporate efficiency by limiting the support required for each cause
  • Better data quality to ensure payments processed correctly
  • Enjoy a closed loop giving ecosystem through CyberGrants unified platform
  • Centralized organization nomination routing & review
  • Robust database of vetted organizations
  • Seamless organization maintenance – Updates to nonprofit profiles and banking information are automatically reflected across CyberGrants
  • Spend less time on administration, and more time on your cause
  • Thorough vetting process to assures donors organizations meet their charitable standards
  • Guarantee organizations have access to payment and employee details as well as the ability to download them to Excel or CSV when needed

The greatest step towards empowering our NPOs is the release of FrontDoor, our NPO portal,  resulting in an entire giving ecosystem that is more tightly aligned and able to increase in velocity to give to worthy causes. Now companies have a single view of each NPO partner in CyberGrants. As a FrontDoor member, companies can feel confident that the NPO is vetted and payee details are up to date. NPOs streamline their review and approval process of matching gifts resulting in a faster time to payment and quicker impact. 

Stay tuned for more details on the latest FrontDoor enhancements and ways to get your hands on the latest capabilities.

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