How to amplify your impact where cause and community intersect.

Employees, community members, and consumers are craving a deeper connection to the brands they give their time, loyalty, and money to. They want to see the brands they invest in taking measurable action to drive social change and support the causes they care deeply about. This means not only engaging your employees but your extended community as well, in giving and volunteerism.

Creating focused, point-in-time giving opportunities for employees, consumers, and community members to contribute can seem overwhelming. The logistics required to leverage national holidays, awareness days, dedicated company days, or emerging needs like disasters and crises can be difficult to manage. How can you integrate your social impact initiatives with support for the causes your employees, consumers, and community members care deeply about?

Empowering your extended community shouldn’t require you to over-extend. The solution lies in inviting employees, community members, and consumers to become part of the narrative, driving awareness, engagement, and connection while utilizing a single point of entry for a seamless experience. With CyberGrants Points of Giving programs, you can reach out to your extended community and build the connection between your brand, employees, consumers, and community. Managed completely on our integrated platform, you have ultimate control, from branding to eligible nonprofits and matching limits to post-campaign communications with employees, consumers, and community members.

Points of Giving Put into Practice

One retailer did just that, making history with their MLK day of service Points of Giving campaign. To help people meet the needs of others, this retailer hosted an online Day of Giving with matching for their U.S. brick and mortar locations, brand associates, customers, and the general public. Together, their associates and customers inspired us, helping to raise more than $6.5 million through the MLK Day of Giving.

When asked why they did this, they gave two responses, “Our associates and customers are very passionate about supporting local nonprofits and national organizations that help address causes important to them. Additionally, we wanted to support the generosity of our associates and our customers, especially at a time when so many organizations need additional resources due to COVID-19.” 

Not only did this retailer scale its impact, but it also created brand awareness and engagement beyond what they ever expected. Whether you leverage a national day of service, a cause aligned with your mission, or a dedicated company day the opportunity to amplify your fundraising and social impact is within your reach.

 Benefits of Points of Giving Programs

  • Bring more attention to your social impact initiatives and your company's good to support these causes.
  • Create a powerful brand story by making employees, consumers, and community members part of the narrative and sharing the impact publicly.
  • Increase your fundraising by expanding giving opportunities to include a broader pool of potential donors.
  • Drive social change and build brand equity with point-in-time giving for employees, consumers, and community members.

How to Get Started:

Join us July 15th for “Engaging Your Extended Community - Amplify Your Impact Where Cause and Community Intersect with CyberGrants Points of Giving

During this webinar, Barry Kane, Solution Architect at CyberGrants will discuss how one retail giant maximized their fundraising with a Points of Giving campaign, managed completely on our integrated platform. He’ll share how they empowered their extended community to become part of the narrative. Connecting them through a mutual cause and sharing with them all the good they are doing. Create lasting connection, engagement, and impact with CyberGrants Points of Giving.

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