Innovating Incredible: Fall 2019 Release

Fall is a season of change - and our Fall 2019 release represents its season! These enhancements drive innovation in key areas of corporate philanthropy and continues to deliver on CyberGrants’ vision for Agile Social Impact. 

Addressing trends and shifts in the industry, this release further extends the CyberGrants solution with new features such as:

  • New capabilities and enhancements to streamline the management and disbursements of global grantmaking
  • Expanding impact through engaging your local community in volunteerism events
  • Enabling domestic Canadian giving through the CyberGrants Disbursement Service
  • Enhancements to our NPO portal FrontDoor
  • The first of several planned enhancements for Grantee Relationship Management

Extended Community Extended Community Engagement

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has evolved. To maximize impact, organizations need to look beyond their employee base and extend into their expanded communities to engage all stakeholders. "Many hands make light work" and never is this more true than driving social programs beyond employees and bring together all members of the community to make and drive change. With this latest release, organizations can now extend participation in local events and volunteer programs to community members. External registration processes and integrated sharing capabilities drive participation and ultimately, social impact.

Global Global Impact

According to CECP, 7 out of 10 multi-billion dollar companies gave to recipients outside their headquarters' country. With technology at our finger tips, the world is expanding everyday, and organizations are taking it upon themselves to drive visibility, awareness and social impact across borders. With this release, companies can access capabilities that help reduce the risk in global disbursements and give donations across borders. Canadian domestic giving is available, and with multi-currency and multi-language enhancements, companies more easily donate to causes aligned with their goals no matter where they are. 

NPO Empowerment NPO Empowerment

The giving process doesn't stop with the company sending money to the nonprofit organization (NPO). Companies and NPOs want each dollar to go further, faster. Empowering NPOs to be more efficient and effective enhances the relationships between companies and NPOs, and drives greater overall impact. With enhancements to FrontDoor, our NPO portal, the entire giving ecosystem is more tightly aligned and able to increase in velocity to give to worthy causes. Now companies have a single view of each NPO partner in CyberGrants. As a FrontDoor member, companies can feel confident that the NPO is vetted and payee details are up to date. NPOs streamline their review and approval process of matching gifts resulting in a faster time to payment and quicker impact. The release also includes enhancements improving grantee relationship management by allowing for tracking of email activity within FrontDoor.

Stay tuned for more details and ways to get your hands on the latest capabilities.  Or contact us for a demo or to discuss how to we can help you achieve your CSR goals. 



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