Innovating Incredible: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I heard a classic ‘70s’ song on the radio this weekend. "Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign". Now, I’m pretty sure the Five Man Electrical Band was referring to road signs impacting scenery and creating barriers, but the lyrics got me thinking about electronic signatures. The CyberGrants DocuSign integration enhancement is an opportunity to streamline workflows for so many of our clients and their csr programs.

When we hear feedback from our clients, especially regarding barriers they are experiencing, we listen. The barrier being, the time and effort involved to capture signatures. As well as the manual nature of tracking signed documents and acknowledgements on artifacts such as grant agreements and approvals. As partners in your philanthropy mission, we are unconditionally invested in helping you realize incredible outcomes from the use of our software.

In 2018 we began enabling our clients to integrate CyberGrants with DocuSign, and other electronic signature providers. Since that time, we have seen an acceleration in the number of processes that includes requirements for managing signed documents. Integrating digital signatures into your workflow process can reduce paper usage and lessen resource workload. Imagine the efficiency created when the timely task of printing, scanning documents, and reloading signed documents is removed from the equation.

Taking advantage of the CyberGrants DocuSign integration is an easy win for your csr team and requires minimal IT resources. This integration automates capabilities most, if not all, organizations already have built into their grants management or employee engagement approval workflows.

If you are yet to adopt this capability for your corporate social responsibility programs, what are you waiting for? Is your organization licensed to use DocuSign, a very common electronic signature platform? Do you have a process that requires signatures and approvals by two or more parties/individuals, such as a grant request? If you answered yes to these questions, then you too can add a DocuSign integration to your workflow.

Getting started with a CyberGrants DocuSign integration is easy, simply reach out to your Client Management team or CyberGrants client executive. We’ll ask you some questions about the existing workflow for esign documents, and then we are off and running. 

We only need a simple set of information from your IT department. This information will enable CyberGrants to connect to your organization’s DocuSign account. For any client with a DocuSign relationship, CyberGrants can incorporate electronic signature capabilities seamlessly into your CyberGrants workflows.

Using your DocuSign workflow to manage the process to send documents for signature, CyberGrants will be updated nightly with the results. CyberGrants retains a record for every DocuSign signature and the finalized document is securely stored within the request. CyberGrants supports both real-time signing and traditional first signer workflows. Use either a hosted PDF with form fields or DocuSign hosted templates.

In addition, CyberGrants can now support countersignatures on both sides. This is often required for one signature on the organization side and multiple on the client side. We have also expanded our ability to support unlimited merge fields and signers. Automating the digital capture of signatures, approvals, and acknowledgements is a proven way to accelerate processes, reduce paper usage, and simplify the work effort for csr administrators and owners.

The need to seamlessly integrate electronic signature capabilities is a reality, so we hope you’ll take this journey with us to accelerate and automate with a DocuSign integration. Make sure the "Signs’ aren’t blockin' out the scenery and breakin' your mind" and your workflows!

Stay tuned for more details and ways to get your hands on the latest capabilities. Contact us for a demo or to discuss how we can help you achieve your CSR goals.



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