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Incredible generosity starts here

The hand elevates humans from every other species on the planet. It is strong. It performs fine, nuanced tasks. It conveys compassion and emotion. No other tool on earth can surpass it.

“Giving a hand” has two important and distinct meanings. We’re helping someone, or we’re acknowledging hard work and success. These ideas truly are the embodiment of CyberGrants, our team but most importantly our clients.

Last June, we began an exciting transition from a successful, founder-owned company to one poised for even greater evolution and growth. Part of that transition had us looking inward at what makes us special and unique. As part of that retrospective, we give a hand to Sean and Karen Flanagan under whose leadership we amassed a client roster that includes the best and most generous givers from around the world.

And as we looked more closely at those givers, we could see the amazing impact of their work. Over the past year alone, our clients supported over 400,000 nonprofit organizations, contributing $5.8 billion and over 40 million volunteer hours of service. We give a hand to these partners, whose vision and generosity make a significant difference every minute of every day globally.

We’re proud to be part of making incredible things happen for our customers. Whether it’s providing creative technical solutions to their giving challenges, offering strategic guidance on their programs, or holding the hands of applicants and donors as they make their requests, our team feels deep commitment to our clients’ goals.

For these reasons, it makes sense to have the identity we present to the world match our actual identity. Our new look and focus on the image of the hand doesn’t reflect a change in our vision or our ideals. Instead, it represents what we have always valued: helping our clients and their beneficiaries, working hard and digging in, being successful leaders in our industry and giving accolades to our teammates and partners.

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