#GivingTuesday2021: A Huge Day for Charity and Generosity 

This #GivingTuesday people across the globe came together to support generosity and hope. It’s estimated that approximately 35 million people raised over 3 Billion dollars. The impact of this Giving Tuesday has been enormous, and we’re extremely proud of the support we were able to lend to the cause. 

Every year at Cybergrants, we’re humbled to see the growth in giving. This Giving Tuesday we saw our clients total giving rise by 142%! $27.6 million was given through our platform, and we exceeded an average of two donations per donor for the first time ever. Our clients went above and beyond on this historic day. 

  • Donors went up 156% to 28,192 participants.
  • Donations went up 196% to 68,421 total. 
  • We saw a 136% increase in the number of social good orgs that received gifts (25,322 total).
  • The top causes were: Human Services, Education, Health Services, and Arts and Culture.

"In our 10th year of supporting Giving Tuesday, we are thrilled to once again take part in such a momentous day of giving. We're especially excited to see a rise in the participation of the small donor. Donations under $50 were up to 36%. That means individuals are getting involved and giving to the causes that they really care about. 

We saw huge amounts donated in human services, education, health services, and many other areas. Based on our decades of experience, we've built our platform to be highly flexible to facilitate a simple and personalized giving experience that donors love to use. We're happy to help our clients maximize their giving potential on this global day of generosity and every day throughout the year.” 

- Mark Layden, Chief Executive Officer 


The Return of the Small Donor 

We’re especially excited to see small donors and individuals giving in record numbers. 36% of all donations were in an amount less than $50, which is up from 13% in 2020. 

Though we love to see businesses trying to create impact through their giving, it’s incredible to see small donors giving where they can, in whatever amount possible. Creating social impacts takes everyone, and we’re always happy to see more hands on deck! 

Thank you to our clients and the CyberGrants team for making this a Giving Tuesday to remember. This event was just the beginning of the giving season, and we’re looking forward to facilitating even more generosity before the end of the year. Want to join us? 

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