A Good United Way Campaign Made Incredible

Chances are the annual format and limited donor choice is causing your United Way Campaign to be underutilized by employees. Thirty percent (30%) of employee donors say they don’t give through their workplace because the causes they care about are not available as choices through their employer's giving program. 

 In this competitive environment, enabling processes and protocols to offer dynamic and diverse workforce opportunities to become engaged is more important than ever. This means offering engagement opportunities that are accessible, meaningful, and specific to employee donors and their individual cause preferences. The CyberGrants Employee Engagement platform gives employees the chance to support what means the most to them with ease and flexibility. 

5 Ways to Make Your United Way Campaign Incredible for Employees with CyberGrants:

  1. Offer employees the choice of over 1.7 million exempt organizations to select from.
  2. Drive engagement and connection with fully open year-round giving.
  3. Empower employees to change, or cancel, their deduction selections at any time.
  4. Make recurring donations easy and accessible with a single point of access for all giving activities.
  5. Allow employees to track their giving history and donation goals.

Evolving your Workplace Giving Program for Greater Engagement 

Implementing an annual giving campaign that aligns with your core company values, offers employees choice, and honors long-standing relationships with United Way can seem daunting. You want to evolve your program while maintaining the values that are deeply rooted in the culture of your company. Opening up your annual United Way Campaign, to include thousands of nonprofits in addition to traditional United Way chapters can do all this and more.
The CyberGrants team will ensure that your program offers employees a full suite of giving options to accommodate individual preferences. Giving options include credit card, recurring payroll, direct contribution, and matching. The United Way presence can be preserved through the featured organization feature, in addition to programs like employee disaster assistance funds. This allows employees to give to any nonprofit of their choice. 

Employees will love the ease of navigation, in addition to having more choice for how to contribute. Instead of providing a designation and having to manually follow up on the funds getting to a nonprofit, employees can now track their funds getting paid directly to the end recipient. Through the flexibility of CyberGrants, campaigns can remain open longer, ensuring everyone has the chance to participate. 


Change can be hard, but CyberGrants is here to help. Here are some of the most common questions administrators ask when moving to an open campaign.


What are three things we can do for a smooth transition to an open campaign?

  1. Keep the process simple.
  2. Develop clear communication channels so employees have access to accurate information and can understand the changes can positively impact their contribution options.
  3. Be upfront with the United Way, keeping the lines of communication open will be beneficial to continued collaboration.

When we open up payroll giving, should we expect pushback?

Offering employees more giving options is typically very well received, 85-95% appreciate an open campaign and at least 45% utilize the one-time contribution capability. Employees respond well to the transparency, inclusion, and meaningfulness of an open campaign. Pay attention to the types of organization your employees are donating to for closer alignment of your mission and employee culture. 

How do I get senior leadership on board for such a big change?

  • Poll employee’s and use results to display proven employee support
  • You may find that even senior leadership wants more choices, including small organizations that are personally important to them.

How do I manage this shift with United Way?

  • Proactively send a letter and/or email to your contact.
  • Schedule a meeting to discuss the changes.
  • Consider a phased approach leveraging matching percentages.
  • Meet with larger United Way partners and keep them involved to help garner their support.

Are you ready to make the move to an open campaign?

Moving your United Way Campaign to CyberGrants is easy and impactful. Work with a dedicated team that will make moving your United Way Campaign to CyberGrants seamless for employees and organizations. Did we mention that when you move your United Way campaign to CyberGrants you can take advantage of all your current CG functionality? Plus, get even more flexibility and options for running the most incredible United Way Campaign possible. 

  • Give employees an intuitive experience.
  • Feature charities by location.
  • Feature campaigns so employees access the employee portal for ways to participate.
  • Offer recurring and one-time giving options.
  • Display recent organizations employees have given to.
  • Search allows employees to discover organizations they are interested in.
  • Automatic calculations clearly display how much the employee will be contributing.
  • Employees have control over editing, adding, or canceling their giving.

Increase engagement and create an incredible workplace giving experience. Contact us to learn more about how to get started!

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