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New Guide: Grantmaking Transformed

How funders are proactively adapting to sweeping societal change

Mass trauma, from racial inequity to disasters and a pandemic: The impetus for changing how we respond. Events of the past few years including the Black Lives Matter movement and a global pandemic have shaken many elements of a global society. They’ve also placed tremendous strain on philanthropic foundations that are working to address these monumental issues. Many funders have risen to the challenge. They’ve re-thought and realigned their philanthropy efforts to become more proactive in addressing ever-evolving needs. This eBook details the current landscape and provides strategies for adapting philanthropy efforts to achieve maximum impact.


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When it comes to feeling like it might be time to rethink and realign your grantmaking process and practices as a whole, you're not alone. The needs of your nonprofit partners are ever-changing and expanding as they face the repercussions of the pandemic while continuing to support their primary causes in the face of social unrest and natural disasters. What once may have worked may no longer hold the same impact or offer the same support for your nonprofit partners.

Through this guide, learn more about how funders like you are changing their grantmaking practices, including activities like:
• Surveying grantees
• Changing processes and timing of grants
• Making funds and reporting more flexible
• Having open conversations with grantees

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Creating a more dynamic grantmaking process can help you better meet your nonprofit partners where they are and serve as a catalyst for change while leveraging current resources, balancing demand, and managing limitations. Nonprofits are looking to you for more impartial access to much-needed funding to pursue both new projects and provide critical services as emerging issues arise, as well as to simply support operating costs. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that shifting expectations and increasing complexities necessitate strategic updates to maximize your impact.

Through this guide, learn more about how to holistically support your nonprofit partners and see how these practices equate to more meaningful outcomes.


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Though the process can be tedious and long, embracing the transformation of grantmaking offers the opportunity to demonstrate authenticity, create trust and act as a catalyst for change. To do this, we must make an honest assessment of where we stand, make a commitment to where we want to be, and take responsibility for activating the elements necessary for efficiency, agility, and equitable social impact.

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with our clients to understand and implement the capabilities they need to expedite workflows and manage their relationships. We’re continually inspired by their efforts to help the world deal with sweeping societal change and our platform will always flex to support them.

— Mark Layden, CEO, CyberGrants


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Read revealing insights on:

  • The impetus for transformations across the grantmaking lifecycle
  • How funders have also made changes to their grantmaking
  • Making inclusivity all-encompassing
  • New models for shifted priorities, including participatory and trust-based grantmaking
  • Identifying opportunities to maximize your resources to support your new and evolving grantmaking models

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