Harnessing the Value of the Employee Resource Group

The best part of the corporate social engagement process is its people.  Especially those who are our evangelist to share, describe and empower social impact and its key factors to demonstrate the ongoing commitment to social missions and local needs.    An instrumental function in our people driven engagement is the Employee Resource Group.   Employee resource groups (also known as ERGs, affinity groups, or business network groups) are a collective of employees who join together in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences.

Below are several ideas to embrace the Employee Resource Group in a meaningful employee engagement strategy:

Tap the passions

When done effectively, ERG’s can rally employees around causes they care about most, offering a diverse pool of nonprofit organizations, initiatives and inspiring participants to contribute year-round engagement through donations and volunteer time.

Engage stakeholder’s diversification

Local communities are looking for leadership within and expertise in diverse markets, an ERG can set a positive tone and agenda throughout the community by creating a passionate network of people eager to be catalysts in their local neighborhoods.


The ERG clearly demonstrates how the diversity of the workforce and leadership can help an organization better understand and satisfy the needs of the diverse communities as well as holding team members and colleagues accountable in understanding that the diversity of ideas, innovation and social impact helps the bottom line.

Lastly, ERGs are voluntary, employee-led organizations who foster employee awareness and respect in the workplace. This spirt best represents what community looks like and the Impact it can have when we work together.

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