How to Get the Corporate Philanthropy Software You Really Want

Whether you’re…

  • Manually managing a volunteering program within a smaller organization
  • Have an outdated or complicated corporate philanthropy software that nobody will use
  • Looking for ways to increase employee participation in already established corporate philanthropy programs
  • Unsure of where to start in kicking off a matching gifts or volunteering program and need a complete system to guide you

You’re likely shopping for corporate philanthropy software to help you get your goals accomplished. Once you find the perfect system to support your organization’s philanthropic needs, you still need purchase approval from your executive team.

Cybergrants can help.

We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide in PDF format (it’s editable too!) for managers, HR directors and CSR program managers to use to earn execs’ ears and get the stamp of approval.

Download the guide below to:

  • Empower decision-makers with CSR software that alleviates specific organizational challenges
  • Find that one person in your office who execs trust and respect and get them on your side to up your purchasing power
  • Cull the right data to portray how corporate philanthropy software will positively impact the business




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