How to Rally Your Employees Together for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Aug 31, 2017 - CyberGrants

Hurricane Harvey, labeled a Category 4 hurricane, has become one of the worst tropical storms to ever hit the United States.

The nation is watching the disaster of Hurricane Harvey unfold, and many people are trying to find ways to help the victims. As an employer, you have the ability to bring your employees together and help support the victims in need. The main steps to remember when trying to find ways your team can give back to Hurricane Harvey victims are to realize money is the best donation for this circumstance, do your research and keep on giving.

Give Cash via a Payroll Deduction Campaign (and match it!)

It’s important for people to note that they should resist the urge to go to the disaster site. It’s dangerous to go into the aftermath, and people rushing to the site can cause problems. If everyone decides to go to the disaster site it will cause traffic, also noting that gasoline supplies in the area are already hindered.

Instead of immediately offering physical volunteer help (which will be needed at a later time, after everything has cleared), encourage your team to offer monetary donations. Food, clothing and supplies are all generous donations, however, volunteers will have to divert their attention to sort through supplies. Monetary donations are flexible and available for use immediately upon the disaster. A small contribution from everyone on your team can make a big difference to someone who has lost their home or is suffering from medical issues. As an employer, you can double or even triple the contributions using corporate philanthropy software.

Corporate Disaster Relief Example

For example, Booz Allen Hamliton is partnering with organizations to provide relief and support to the impacted communities using corporate philanthropy software. They’re using their homepage of their internal giving platform to share key messaging that they’ll match up to $50,000 in employee donations to the American Red Cross.

Hurricane Harvey Booz Allen

Do Your Research

The shared value your employees can create with your leadership needs to be properly accounted for and go to an organization that is really helping. Following Hurricane Sandy, many donations were sent to disaster relief scams. You can contact the Better Business Bureau, or simply head to their website, and determine if an organization is legitimate. Below is a list of some credible organizations already assisting with the Hurricane Harvey efforts:

There are many other credible organizations out there, and to make the process easier many employers are turning to corporate philanthropy software. To make the most of your team’s giving resources, it’s easiest to have a platform in which team members can contribute uniformly.

For instance, the Anthem Cares Fund has teamed up with the American Red Cross in response to this time of need. Anthem associates have been donating through the Associate Giving Program that CyberGrants offers, and donations are 100% matched!

Hurricane Harvey Anthem

CyberGrants offers a user-friendly platform in which team members can donate specifically for Disaster Relief. Your team can donate to Hurricane Harvey efforts within minutes. CyberGrants also offers real-time giving to your team, so you can each submit monetary gifts via PayPal and give money straight to an organization’s bank account!

Keep on giving…and giving…and giving!

Hurricane season started in May, and continues through November. This year is expected to be one of the most active hurricane seasons due to warmer sea surface temperatures around the world. As there may be more hurricanes for the Caribbean and Southeastern United States ahead, your team can help make an impact by continuing to give.

CSR Software can be helpful when trying to improve team contribution. CyberGrants offers a mobile optimized platform, which can be personalized and improves employee participation. Features include Matching Gifts, Payroll Campaign (can pull “selected amount” from paycheck on a recurring basis, or can be a one time deal), and even searching events that your team could participate in once the disaster of Hurricane Harvey has cleared.

Hurricane Harvey has taken a great toll on Texas, and it’s important for these victims to receive the assistance they need. It’s necessary that before you jump right into something that you may not intend, its best to remember: give cash, do your research, and keep on helping.


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