Impact Makers: ClifBar Proves You Don’t Need Big Resources to Make Incredible Happen

During their recent National Day of Service, members of Clif Bar’s employee giving and engagement program, CLIF® CORPS, got their hands dirty at national parks, monuments and historic sites across the US and Canada. For Clif Bar, running multiple service projects on one day across multiple sites, 25 sites with 475 people to be exact, was no small task.

However big the task, the impact was greater. This year marked the 19th annual CLIF CORPS Companywide Day of Service. A day when Clif employees volunteer their time during work hours to give back to their local communities. To date this program has contributed over 138,000 hours of community service, which is equivalent to over 50 full-time employees doing community service for an entire year.

As a true partner, CyberGrants is constantly inspired by the brands we work with, including Clif Bar, and the many others like them. Our mission is to help our clients leverage the resources they have. Quickly and strategically, to Make a big Impact.

Cassie Cyphers, community and eco programs manager at Clif Bar, shares how she leveraged CyberGrants and her limited resources to execute an incredible day of service.

  1. What was your biggest challenge when planning the National Day of Service?
  • The biggest challenge was managing all the details with a very small team and ensuring that each regional hub had what they need to execute in their region. We missed an opportunity to get local media coverage because we were so focused on the logistical planning. Next time, I will factor in time for external promotion and build a plan, ahead of time.
  1. How did you promote the event internally to drive engagement?
  • We have a Companywide Service Day every year, so promoting was not super necessary. However, I did have to sell the idea of multiple locations vs. just one location, as we’d done in prior years. The idea of being in multiple locations took a little getting used to for some, as they were used to being in one location.
  1. How did hosting the service day across regional locations change the way employees engaged?
  • Project Leaders took real ownership of their regional location.
  • Employees were very engaged because they were able to give back in their own communities on the same day as other regions – it was similar to a regional activation.
  • Leaders and volunteers were truly engaged and inspired to make an impact in their local community.
  1. How did you streamline the logging hours process for employees to track maximum impact?
  • I leveraged my awesome CyberGrants account management team to build a page that included all of the locations. Employees were able to easily find the National Park location where they volunteered and then enter their hours.
  1. What is something you learned this year that will help with your next multi-site service event?
  • You always need more time than you think. You should also leverage resources on the ground in the specific locations to delegate as much work to them as possible. Having lots of templates helped to do that and ensure a consistent experience for employees across locations!

Read more about Clif Bar’s National Day of Service and their #MakeItGood campaign.

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