Innovating Incredible: FrontDoor, Keeping the needs of nonprofits at the forefront

The vision for FrontDoor was born during the first-ever CyberGrants Nonprofit Council meeting in 2017. When asked what would be the most impactful thing that we could work on together in the next 12 months, those in attendance agreed that a single point of entry – i.e. a “front door for CyberGrants” – should make the biggest difference in a nonprofit’s daily activities. At that time, each nonprofit had to visit multiple CyberGrants hosted websites – sometimes multiple per client – to accomplish regular tasks such as gift confirmation, disbursement tracking, and grant applications. Larger nonprofits with multiple chapters or locations often had to resort to spreadsheets to keep their logins and addresses in order. Once a nonprofit logged into a company portal, they were often faced with an experience that was different from what they would find on other websites hosted on the CyberGrants platform. This raised their training costs significantly. Upon further reflection, it became clear that nonprofits not only needed a single entry point but also a consolidated consistent experience to achieve the efficiencies that are required to operate a charity in today’s competitive philanthropic climate.

In 2018, CyberGrants FrontDoor was unveiled to the world during our annual conference and the CyberGrants Nonprofit Council became the first pilot group to use the new product. “FrontDoor” was the name chosen for the free to use tool – somewhat for its double meaning. It is, of course, a “front door for CyberGrants” but also serves as a reminder of the continuing necessity to keep the needs of nonprofit at the forefront of all that we do. When nonprofits are more successful, then the outcomes of our clients are achieved with regularity, predictability, and lower costs.

Close to 3,000 US-based nonprofits are using FrontDoor today. While we focus on scaling up the number of claimed organizations prior to activating them in our first customer account, these organizations enjoy the following features:

  • Vetted organization ownership – all organizations are claimed by authorized representatives of the nonprofit, scored using a proprietary system, and reviewed by CyberGrants staff before final approval.
  • Provisioned access of secondary users by organization administrators – nonprofits themselves can now create new accounts for their users rather than sending requests through the CyberGrants contact center. This is faster and puts the responsibility with those who know the users the best – organization administrators.
  • Single-Sign-On into customer accounts – once a user is signed into FrontDoor, they can access any client’s nonprofit portal via a convenient sidebar menu. When they have multiple sites to visit, they just click a different client name and leap into the next portal.
  • Single record to maintain – changes made in one nonprofit record are automatically available to all clients with that organization in their giving portfolio. Giving organizations this power, and clients this access, ensures that everyone is using the latest, most accurate information.

In the coming months, CyberGrants will be releasing features to improve other critical areas of the system:

  • Centralized payee management – specifying ACH disbursement details (preferably) and paper check addresses (as backup) will ensure that disbursements get to their preferred destination as quickly and accurately as possible. Proprietary ACH account ownership technology will also confirm that electronic payments are going into the coffers of the nonprofit and are not misdirected elsewhere.
  • Organization profiles & programs – compelling profiles with logos, mission statements, and annual programs will make for a more engaging experience for employees searching for their favorite nonprofit.
  • Grantmaking support – extending organization vetting into grant registrations will ensure that the correct users are representing a nonprofit.

All of these enhancements are developed in close collaboration with the CyberGrants Nonprofit Council

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