Keeping Remote Workers Emotionally Invested

How to improve employee engagement with your giving programs

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the nature of work and the workplace — for many individuals and for some industries, forever. When pandemic lockdowns started, any reservations business leaders had about unshackling workers from the workplace became moot as entire offices emptied. Within weeks, more than half of the U.S. labor force was working remotely. 

Nearly a year and a half after the first lockdown, it’s clear that remote work may be here to stay.  Half of remote employees want to continue working from home after the pandemic subsides, either because they prefer the arrangement, have lingering concerns about COVID-19, or both. Employers are prepared to meet them halfway with two-thirds of companies planning to offer a hybrid approach. While it’s clear that remote work remains popular amongst employees, there are challenges as well. In the middle of 2020, leaders at some of the largest businesses didn’t identify productivity, or managing workflows, or employee burnout as the top challenge they faced. The top challenge was “connection to our culture.”

Your Engagement Solution

So, how can your organization drive employee engagement and reinvigorate a connection to company culture? Considering the role that giving programs play, ensuring that your remote workers are engaging with your giving platform offers a powerful opportunity to keep your organization connected to a shared purpose and mutual success. Unfortunately, effectively leveraging your giving platform to foster employee engagement is easier said than done—especially when working remotely. With dozens of ways to create social impact, employees won’t have just one way they like to give. 

The vision for our remote work ebook, Keeping Remote Workers Emotionally Invested: How to Improve Employee Engagement With Your Giving Programs, was developed to help organizations get creative with their giving platforms. From virtual volunteerism and Points of Giving programs to employee spotlights and friendly competition, there are personalized ways to engage everyone. Whether working from an office cubicle, the comfort of your living room, or even a local coffee shop, anyone can get involved from anywhere. 



Additional ways to support remote givers and doers: 

  • Enable social sharing on your giving platform so workers everywhere feel included and part of the conversation
  • Enable employees to track their giving activity and goals
  • Create a dedicated virtual volunteerism page with a set of approved featured opportunities for employees to select from
  • Display a set of featured organizations that are in line with causes that are important to your company and employees
  • Enable a Points of Giving  program that draws on national holidays, other special days, or dedicated company days to rally your givers multiple times throughout the year 
  • Report regularly on the impact of your sharing efforts to continually foster a sense of mutual achievement

It’s no secret that the benefits and flexibility of remote work have made it popular amongst employees. But as more corporations continue to offer work-from-home as a permanent solution, they need to be prepared to confront and tackle its challenges. With the plummet in employee engagement throughout 2020, leveraging a giving platform is more important than ever before. Is your organization ready to get creative with its engagement strategies? Download our Remote Work Ebook

To learn more about how the right giving platform can bring all your workers together, from wherever they are, for more engagement, more connection, and more impact Contact us today.

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