Making Incredible Happen with EveryAction and Social Solutions

Today I am excited to announce that CyberGrants is merging with EveryAction and Social Solutions, two best-in-class companies, to create the second largest and fastest-growing social good software company in the world. The merger is made possible with support from our new investor Apax and, with more than $200M in combined revenue, the integration of three great companies will maximize our collective impact, by bringing together world-class talent and products, and proving that companies can both do good and do well, at scale. We believe the resulting innovative products and the connectivity between donors and non-profits will help our clients reshape philanthropic giving.

CyberGrants has always worked to make our products and services better and more accessible to donors, promoting greater participation by our client organizations and their most important constituents – including their employees and communities – all the while driving ever-improving impact. Our partnership with EveryAction and Social Solutions makes that all so much more possible now.

In case you are not familiar with their work, EveryAction, provides best-of-breed digital, fundraising, and organizing features through a single, unified CRM offering powerful segmentation, data visualization and social integration. They have helped more than 18,000 nonprofits do more good by optimizing interactions with supporters and prospects, thereby raising $11 billion in 2020. Social Solutions offers world-class case management software that provides actionable, data-driven insights to help nonprofit and public sector customers better coordinate the delivery of essential services, measure impact, and improve outcomes for those in need.

What does all this mean? First, customers will still have access to the products and services from the same people that you have worked with today and all of our commitments continue as they are. But, as part of a larger company, we are to receive more investment and expand our team - and scale matters. These investments will be used to improve our products and services and we will focus on expanding participation and greater, validated impact.

With our new partner, we will create new and different participation options for your employees and the means to help them target in on the opportunities that fit them the best. We will have a greater focus on efficiency and standardization to help more organizations participate meaningfully in helping their causes and communities.

Related to impact, this partnership offers a direct connection in to the NPOs themselves to collect stories and data to validate, evaluate and refactor programs for greater success. This means greater in-system collaboration between donors and NPOs which we are confident will provide better Agile Social Impact.

For my part, I will continue to lead CyberGrants and I couldn’t be more excited about our future. I will also serve as a senior leader and board member of the new company. I am looking forward to working with the new company’s CEO, Stu Trevelyan, who has been at the helm of EveryAction since 2007, helping causes succeed through innovative use of technology. Stu and I are joined by Erin Mulligan Nelson from Social Solutions who has a storied career including her 11-year tenure at Dell where she ultimately served as the company’s CMO.

I am delighted to be a part of this talented team who are all focused on growth of this industry through transformational change. I am nothing short of giddy about the possibilities of what this company can become and I am thrilled to contribute in any way to that mission.

Finally, on behalf of CyberGrants and the new team please know that you are always first in our thoughts. Your incredible generosity is what has always fueled our enthusiasm. With our new partners we are looking forward to working with you to continue to MAKE INCREDIBLE HAPPEN!

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