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Incredible generosity starts here

Q. Hey Mark, by all accounts you’re a software guy. How’d you end up at CyberGrants helping with philanthropy?

A. Well, my partners and I were interested in software companies and were introduced to CyberGrants. We fell in love immediately. It is great company with a terrific mission and rich history. Who wouldn’t love it, right?

Q. I guess so. By the way, who are these partners you mentioned?

A. After I left my last company I became associated with a spectacular private equity company in Chicago called Waud Capital. Waud has a history of taking great midsize companies and helping them achieve their potential with investments of human and financial capital. Waud has outstanding resources with more than $2B under management. I guess that means that we are extremely well capitalized.

Q. Wow. What are you going to do with all of that?

A. We have a huge year planned for 2016! We have already hired 25 people and are expecting to hire another 20 this year. To keep all those people busy we are going to upgrade our business practices for all customer support functions. Plus we are going to have a giant upgrade in our data center this year. All of this while we continue the advancement of our products, particularly for employee engagement programs.

Q. That is a lot to do. Are you convinced that you can get that all done?

A. I am convinced and it is increasingly important that we make these improvements because, with our clients, we have a vital mission. With our 275 customers we helped fund more than 475,000 not for profits last year. Every day CyberGrants employees helped our customers provide $26M to worthy not for profits who are making the world better. In that effort we cannot delay one day or even one minute.

Q. So how is it going so far, 9 months into your time here?

A. Honestly, it’s great. We are beating our goals. I love the team we have and they are incredibly committed to the mission. Of course my visits to our customers have been wonderful, really humbling. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming that it makes you want to do better for them every day. And the good news is that we grew nearly 25% year over year so as a partner we are very healthy. In fact we have grown at that rate over the last three years due to the commitment and generosity of our clients.

Q. Ok, last question. We understand that you commute from Chicago to CyberGrants in Andover, is that right? Won’t that get confusing? I mean, whose sports teams will you root for?

A. Ha! It is true that I live with my wife and four kids in Illinois and when I am not at the office or visiting customers I am with them. I guess I will continue to root for the Sox. During the week it will be the Red Sox and on the weekends it will be the White Sox!

Q. I know I said that was the last question but can CyberGrants customers connect with you directly?

A. Of course! I am always delighted to receive comments, suggestions, feedback from all our customers. I can be reached at

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