New & Improved: 8 Facets of a Seamless Grantmaking Process

Follow these eight proven tips for becoming a well-oiled grantmaking machine.

One of our most popular ebooks got a refresh. Check out your favorite grants resource for continued support as you navigate your seamless grantmaking journey and plan for the future with a streamlined process. When it comes to grants management, an ideal situation is to both benefit a business’s bottom line and positively impact employees and the community. To achieve this, foundations must possess the agility to adapt and think more holistically in terms of resources at their disposal.


When was the last time you evaluated your grantmaking process?

With that in mind, it’s important to recognize the efforts your company takes (or doesn’t take) to try to make a difference. Though the process can at times be tedious and long, grantmaking is often made more difficult than it has to be. When was the last time you evaluated your grantmaking process? With more and more companies using CSR to engage and attract candidates and boost employee engagement, chances are you’ve been thinking about making your process a little bit easier for everyone in the grantmaking spectrum.

When it comes to grants management, the challenge for foundations comes from the sheer volume of applicants coupled with multistep workflows where grantseekers are all at numerous stages within the process. For instance, some applicants might be quick to submit an application with incomplete or inaccurate information while others might begin the process, pause, and forget to return. Managing the status of each application along with budget allocation can be resource-intensive in itself, never mind when you get to the funding stage.

Now more than ever, it’s not enough to write a check and a press release, nonprofits need more to make these partnerships work and so do the foundations. Much time and resources go into thoughtfully approving these grants with the hope of tracking real impact in the communities your partner nonprofits serve. You need to know you're giving to impact ratio to validate ongoing support and create real lasting change.

There will always be challenges to overcome, but with these insights garnered from years of working with foundations of all sizes, an efficient grantmaking process is completely possible and will be in your future. Get the support you need to streamline and simplify your grantmaking process for your teams and nonprofit partners so you can focus more resources on the causes that matter.

Download Now - 8 Facets of a Seamless Grantmaking Process 



In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Foster collaboration across the grantmaking lifecycle
  • Investigate your grantmaking ROI to prove its worth
  • Make your grantmaking come full circle
  • Create a more personalized follow-up plan
  • Set realistic guidelines for everyone’s best interests
  • Shape your culture for increased participation
  • Reshape the payment disbursements process for faster results

To learn more about how the right giving platform can make grantmaking seamless, from wherever they are, for more engagement, more connection, and more impact Contact us today.


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