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Our blog will share company news and events, as well as thoughts on happenings within the CSR (corporate social responsibility) industry. We welcome your input and feedback.

CyberGrants Announces Record Growth Maximizing Agile Social Impact

Corporate Social Responsibility Software Leader Sees Best First Quarter in History, Trending for a Record Year

ANDOVER, MA – CyberGrants, the proven...

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Maximizing Your Social Impact Through Cause Alignment

Corporations are evolving their general philanthropy approaches towards supporting causes more tightly aligned with other company initiatives. This...

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New Strategies to Boost Agile Social Impact (video)

The need for corporate giving is off the charts. So do you just give more dollars?

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How Recurring Giving Boosts Impact — Measurably

 We’ve all witnessed it. Technology advancements have given employees access. And access means new ways to give, and not necessarily through work....

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Agile Social Impact:  How to Change the World -- Faster and Better.

We certainly don’t need to inform you how great the demand is for corporate giving. Our shared world is rife with want and chaos and emergencies. The...

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Agile Social Impact:  The New Imperative for Corporate Philanthropy


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Viral Engagement techniques get your entire workforce fully invested in your causes

We see it every single day. Both within our own company and those of our clients. The face of the workforce is changing. And so are the dynamics that...

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CyberGrants Announces Major Increases in Employee Engagement


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CyberGrants employees collect over 1,200 pairs of pajamas for local families in need!

Our annual Pajama Drive reached new heights this year with the help of CyberGrants new Viral Engagement features.  This is the fourth consecutive year...

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