Plan on CSR Success with the CyberGrants 2020 Giving Calendar

We’ve talked about creating your perfect CSR plan. It’s all about finding the cause that speaks to your employees, focusing on attainable goals and objectives and locating the right resource to help steer you down the path to success. At CyberGrants, we have lots of resources that fit the bill, but our latest one is bound to help you organize and plan like never before so you can ensure that your CSR strategy stays on the right track.

If employees (your team included) spend roughly 25% to 35% of their time looking for the information they need to do their jobs, just think how difficult it is to plan a charity or donation event. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of paperwork. Instead, here’s how our CSR calendar can help:

What You’ll Find Inside

Our 2020 CSR Plan Calendar is a Google Drive based planner that makes it easy to stay on top of holidays, special events, volunteering opportunities and more all within one document. Inside you’ll find access to monthly, editable sheets showcasing major holidays and observations that your company needs to be aware of.

First, start by clicking the tab featuring the month you wish to work on. We have each month listed so it’s easy to navigate and get where you need to be!


Next, once you get to the month in question, take a look around! Note the calendar itself (where you can easily type in your own notes) and observation suggestions off to the side.


Underneath this area, you have access to a few different sections: a featured resource, a program check (this helps you distinguish where you are in the process and where you should be), notes for you to make, as well as a look ahead into the month that follows (so you can plan ahead!).

How You Can Use It

After getting the inside scoop of everything this calendar holds, we’re sure you already have great ideas to put it into action. But, in case you need a few more, here is a list of ways our CSR Plan Calendar can help you, your employees, your business and those amazing charities that matter the most:

  • Make daily, weekly or monthly notes on what needs to be done, events that will take place and so much more
  • Stay on top of your monthly to-do list with our built-in checklists
  • Never miss another opportunity to make a timely difference as it connects to national holidays and observations
  • Ensure that your strategy is on the course to success by monitoring our monthly progress section
  • Use our featured resource to help you fill in any missing gaps in your strategy
  • Keep your plan details in one secure place that can be accessed by multiple parties

Want to make 2020 your year to take CSR and Philanthropy to the next level? With the help of CyberGrants you can make it happen! Gain access to our 2020 CSR Plan Calendar today so you can put your strategy into action. Don’t wait - start hitting those goals now!



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