Roadmap Update for 2023 and Beyond: Partnering with WeSpire and Product Investments That Enable Impact Reporting, Incentivize Participation, and Facilitate Partnerships

Last year, we shared the exciting news that CyberGrants became Bonterra. Bonterra is the leading social good software company that brings together innovative technology, unmatched expertise, and strategic partnerships from CyberGrants, EveryAction, Network for Good, Social Solutions, and their respective entities. Very recently, we announced our family continues to grow: WeSpire joined Bonterra to expand our corporate social responsibility (CSR) offerings, a strategic acquisition that marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to supporting and evolving employee engagement and powering those who power social impact. 

Since announcing that CyberGrants became Bonterra, we’ve been hard at work identifying ways we can improve our products and services to help you—our corporate customers—do more good. We’re eager to share our exciting product investments that will continue to help you drive deeper employee engagement, streamline and simplify processes, and report impact across stakeholder groups. 

And while there are exciting product updates and investments coming, we aren’t stopping there. We are focused on improving reliability, support, and security so that your teams can focus their time and resources on what matters most—delivering impact to meaningful causes. We’ll share more on these updates soon! 

In the meantime, we’ve outlined questions we’ve received from customers and how we’re making strides to address them through innovative feature updates and product launches.  


How will WeSpire help Bonterra’s customers enhance and accelerate employee engagement and social impact initiatives? 

WeSpire brings a wealth of capabilities, programs, and expertise to our engagement offerings. Its suite of integrated solutions, which includes giving and volunteering, wellbeing, sustainability, and diversity, equity, and inclusion, enables customers to automate, track, and measure programs that were traditionally managed manually and in isolation and complements what is available through CyberGrants. In fact, Bonterra and WeSpire have several joint clients today! 

By welcoming WeSpire into the Bonterra family, we immediately expand and accelerate our offerings and presence in the large and mid-sized CSR market, giving our customers a broader portfolio of offerings to expand your focus on CSR and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and providing even greater value to our joint customers.  

Looking ahead, the integration of Bonterra's best-in-class grants management, disbursements, analytics, and employee-giving tools with WeSpire will revolutionize the way companies and nonprofit organizations of all sizes approach employee engagement. Together, we will efficiently power programs that drive lasting change. With WeSpire's expertise in this area, we are excited to continue investing in solutions that empower employees and transform the execution of impact initiatives. 

We are confident that bringing together Bonterra and WeSpire will enable more employees and organizations, regardless of their size, to participate in impactful initiatives that foster an inclusive culture, improve business performance, and drive positive CSR and ESG outcomes. Our shared goal is to create a better working world, and we will work together to continue the vision and commitment to propelling positive growth seen under the leadership of Susan Hunt Stevens, WeSpire founder and CEO. 


How can CyberGrants help me drive deeper engagement in workplace programs?  

At CyberGrants, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make it easier for your workforce to get involved in corporate giving and we have several exciting new product features and updates to support these efforts. Keep reading to see how we’re investing in employee engagement!  


Matching Gift Integration with EveryAction 

Matching gift programs offer a powerful opportunity to incentivize workplace giving by amplifying the impact of employee donations. Unfortunately, many employees fail to take advantage of this benefit, leaving the matched dollars on the table along with the record of their participation. 
To increase the likelihood that your employees will get involved, it’s easiest to have an integration that captures employees’ interest in matching their donations directly on nonprofits’ online donation forms. We have partnered with EveryAction, which became Bonterra, to enable a matching gift integration that will increase employee participation and drive nonprofit revenue. To learn more about this exciting feature and how it works, check out our recent blog.  


Additional Donation Methods 

Apple Pay and Google Pay are increasingly popular payment methods for donations. In 2022, 49% of e-commerce transactions used digital wallets. Based on this data, it’s clear that speed and ease of giving are influential factors as to whether someone will donate. And as your employees continue to expect flexible ways to pay, it's important to offer multiple donation methods, particularly via saved cards in their browser and phone.  

With CyberGrants, employees can now make donations using Apple Pay or Google Pay, allowing your organization to reduce giving friction and the likelihood that employees will walk away from the donation form.  

Making payment information ready at the push of a button is a focus across Bonterra. Our Network for Good customers on the receiving end of those donations should be able to set it and forget it. That means that after our fundraising and engagement customers set up their payment options and launch them, they should not have to monitor payments unless they need to make updates as an organization. With Google Pay recently added to Network for Good and Apple Pay coming soon, our customers will be able to give their supporters the best experience when donating and our customers will get those funds faster than ever. 


Employee Resource Groups

At CyberGrants, we know that Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are often a key vehicle for building an inclusive workplace and fostering a sense of belonging. ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that aim to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace and build a greater sense of community. Usually, an ERG aligns with a shared identity, background, or experience as they work to lead programming that informs and amplifies the histories of their community. ERGs play an important role in CSR and wield the power to boost employee engagement when paired with workplace giving and volunteering.  

We’re currently collaborating with a select group of customers to create a new module that allows users to conduct ERG activities through a central CSR platform. With the ERG module, members can find, join and participate in group activities, and leaders can create and promote ERG events and report on group activity.  


Global Giving and International Employees 

Many of our customers have a global presence and employ workers around the world. As a result, support for global giving and international employees is a priority for us. We currently offer portal translations in 25 languages, client-provided translations for custom content, and support for 200 currencies. And while these features are important, we know that we can do more. The team at CyberGrants is working to identify partnerships and opportunities to provide a more equitable employee engagement experience for non-U.S. employees and expand the ability to accept and disburse payments in even more countries across the globe.  


I’m a financial institution and I want a better way to track CRA eligibility through CyberGrants. Can I expect feature updates to meet my needs?  

At CyberGrants, we support nine out of the top 10 U.S. banks and recognize the importance of having the ability to identify and track Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)-eligible activities and easily report impact across low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities. Many of our customers currently rely on validating their CRA data through external resources to gather CRA-related information ahead of an exam.  

To meet the needs of our commercial banking customers, we've updated Insights to add census-based fields to supplement geocoding. This will enable you to report on CRA-qualifying activities in local communities with greater accuracy and efficiency. This feature will provide additional information on your initiatives that may have influenced LMI communities. By integrating census-based fields with geocoding, Insights will enhance the precision, speed, and depth of your CRA activity reports. 

Additionally, Insights customers will soon have access to a set of Community Impact dashboards, helping to aggregate and visualize CRA-qualifying activities at the community level across grantmaking and volunteering programs. These dashboards aim to simplify the process of gathering and analyzing CRA data by offering the ability to layer your own custom CRA fields and filters into the dashboards, as well as the ability to track progress against your CRA goals. 


How can CyberGrants help me take better advantage of best practices through standard product offerings? 

CyberGrants has long provided sophisticated and flexible capabilities for managing CSR programs. We understand that the one-size-fits all approach is not always ideal for managing employee giving, matching, and volunteerism programs or for strategic grantmaking. That said, we have also heard your feedback that flexibility can come with challenges to efficiently managing programs. We have assessed the areas of our platform that could benefit from increased standardization and will be rolling out standard capabilities that can be configured by your program administrators without the involvement of CyberGrants’ services teams. We are focused on the two areas below in 2023, with more to come next year. 


Matching Gift Logic Enhancements 

When a disaster or crisis strikes, one of the easiest ways to quickly respond is by implementing a matching gift program. Through these programs, employees can maximize support for affected communities by requesting a company match. Today, many of our customers rely on matching gift customizations, which makes it difficult for administrators to implement program changes when the need to pivot arises.  

The team at CyberGrants is working to develop out-of-the-box best practices that empower administrators to make program changes themselves. Once these capabilities are available, you’ll be able to update your matching gift program with the help of in-platform guidance, ultimately decreasing the time it takes to respond to a disaster or crisis.  


Standardized eSignature Integration 

Through the CyberGrants platform, users can integrate their system with eSignature providers (e.g., DocuSign) to sign and execute agreements while complying with industry and region-specific standards for electronic signatures and ID verification. While this feature is key for customers concerned with maintaining regulatory compliance, making changes to the content sometimes relies on the CyberGrants team. To improve the grants management process, we’re adding flexibility to when an agreement can be sent for signature, and empowering administrators to set up and make changes themselves. This fills the product gap that drives customizations, amplifies the workflow status feature, and encourages self-sufficiency.  


How can CyberGrants help me improve my relationship with grantees and nonprofit partners?  

To increase collaboration between grantmakers and grantees, we’ve invested in FrontDoor product enhancements that make it easier for both stakeholders to securely share information and determine program eligibility.  

For our corporate customers, we’ve worked to eliminate the overhead that administrators spend on managing organizations by allowing users to search and add FrontDoor organizations internally. This update improves data confidence and accuracy and adds robust tools to test the nonprofit experience against your programs. Through these product improvements, we’ll be able to expand giving efficiencies by increasing FrontDoor adoptions. 

For nonprofits, we’re adding expanded profile fields, including the ability to select industry-standard certifications; report diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statistics; and leverage data to control program eligibility. And when your nonprofit’s data is stored in one platform, you’ll spend less time inputting organizational information multiple times in various forms. These enhancements allow nonprofits and grantmakers to determine eligibility more quickly, saving both stakeholders time and energy.   


Discover Why We're Better Together

While we’re eager to see these product investments make it easier for your business to deliver social impact, they’re only the tip of the iceberg for what we can accomplish together as Bonterra. To learn more about how Bonterra is working to empower stakeholders across the social good ecosystem with innovative technology, unmatched expertise, and strategic partnerships, read Bonterra’s latest blog. We are better together through collaboration and innovation, and we’re so excited to continue this journey with you.  

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