Best Tips on Looking for a Corporate Philanthropy Specialist: Part 1 of 2

A good corporate philanthropy program can substantially improve employee morale and workplace pride, boost productivity, reduce HR costs, generate positive customer buzz, and drive top-line and bottom-line growth.

Deloitte’s “Predictions for 2014” report states that “responsible companies” had much higher levels of employee engagement, retention, customer service and profitability.

But despite proven benefits, corporate philanthropy programs are often under-staffed and may be poorly executed. In-house teams often flounder under the weight of routine paperwork and administration, and risk data breaches, regulatory non-compliance, etc.

Leverage Corporate Philanthropy Specialists for Transformational Results

Just as companies outsource non-core functions, corporations are increasingly bringing in corporate philanthropy specialists to handle workplace giving programs. These experts know where to let systems handle routine tasks and where to bring-in valuable knowhow, organizational skills and best practices to boost enterprise-wide participation and performance.

Without spending an extra dime, outside consultants can increase your program’s overall impact considerably by supplementing cash-based giving with well-designed and well-executed non-cash initiatives, such as staff volunteering, that also boost employee morale and workplace pride.

Consultants understand that philanthropy is not a revenue center and structure their services with modest fees but still deliver transformational benefits.

Tips on How to Select a Good Outsourcing Partner

Companies should assess philanthropy outsourcing partners on objective criteria such as:

  1. Tangible results from past engagements and proven ability to implement “best practices”
  2. Hands-on experience with developing multifaceted, employee-inclusive giving programs for organizations that resemble your company by size, industry, etc.
  3. Account management and communication skills to quickly understand your company’s guidelines and business rules, and structure a compatible giving program
  4. Technological proficiency and the ability to securely leverage network, mobile and cloud infrastructure to reach tech-savvy employees and leverage systems for productivity

As part of the selection process, have vendors present specific proposals on how they would transform your workplace philanthropy initiatives. Look for creativity, program depth, process, technology, metrics, delivery time-frames, expected results, engagement fees, references and awards/recognition.

Managing an Outsourced Philanthropy Vendor

As with any outsourcing relationship, define deliverables, expectations and processes in Service Level Agreements. Also agree on metrics and reports to ensure your chosen vendor performs to expectations.

If you run the selection process well, your corporate philanthropy outsourcing partner should be able to deliver tangible improvements within months and re-structure your program for greater employee participation, transparency and systems-based efficiencies.

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