Innovating Incredible: Simple change. Major benefit.

The act of giving is simple, but does your employee personal giving process seem unnecessarily complex? 

You're not alone.

In its simplest form, employee giving is a linear process - an employee gives, a corporate process is engaged for a match, some magic happens around ensuring the money is going to an eligible organization, funds are disbursed, and good stuff happens!

In reality, we know it is often not that simple, and certainly not that efficient. It does not have to be this way.

I’m not referring to a future state, with real-time payments in some form of block chain system (although that will be outstanding!). Rather, let’s explore what is possible today, with CyberGrants, to immediately benefit employees, non-profits and your CSR team.

This simple employee giving with a matching gift example, illustrates an all too familiar scenario.

The employee gives directly to a non-profit organization (via credit/debit card), then goes to the company’s CSR platform to submit a matching gift request. That request is then routed to the non-profit for validation of the employee gift, an approval (or not) is returned, then reviewed for final approval before moving into the disbursement process. So the employee was in two systems, the non-profit must manually verify the gift, and then a corporate CSR team takes action. While the objective of donating a gift and matching it is achieved, the process is not efficient for anyone.

Achieve One Major Benefit...

Clients who adopt personal giving achieve increased engagement in giving while enabling gains in efficiency without sacrificing any control posture.

With Three Small Changes...

  1. Drive employee giving through your CyberGrants application, and enable credit/debit card giving.
    Congrats! You just enabled a new giving option supporting your employees giving when and how they want.
  2. Remove the obligation and time of the non-profit to confirm or validate the employee gift. When employee giving is done directly through CyberGrants, you can be assured of the gift.
    Congrats! You just made your non-profit partners more efficient and able to get the match faster.
  3. Enable automated approval and processing of the employee gift and the associated match, via our CyberGrants Disbursement Solution.
    Congrats! You just removed the administrative burden from your CSR team making them more efficient and impactful.

We are continually working on new innovations for the future of employee giving and engagement, including personal giving. But that’s for tomorrow. For today – let’s take advantage of opportunities to increase engagement, efficiency, AND impact. Contact us for a demo or to discuss how to we can help you achieve your CSR goals. 


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