Tackling the Challenges of a Remote Workforce

More than just a software solution, the right giving platform offers the connection employees crave.

The way we work is changing. Pre pandemic 11% of the U.S. labor force was working remotely. That number skyrocketed to 62% by April 2020. The acceleration of remote work for millions of employees across numerous industries and roles can be directly correlated with the Covid-19 global pandemics onset. Over the past year we have settled into our home offices and perfected our zoom meeting etiquette, but what felt like a major shift for some of us was already the norm for millions and counting.

It’s safe to say that remote work is here to stay, whether it be full-time or offering flexible schedules. Half of the remote employees want to continue working from home after the pandemic subsides, either because they prefer the arrangement, have lingering concerns about COVID-19, or both. Two-thirds of employers are planning to offer a hybrid approach where individuals can work remotely, although half expect the employees to spend more of the workweek on-site.

When working to develop and maintain that great company culture you’ve spent years building, and employees are searching for, engagement, connection, and commitment to enacting positive social change top the list. But, how do we keep employees bouncing from a home office, cubicle, or coffee shop connected, engaged, and participating with your corporate social responsibility initiatives?

Ebook: Keeping Remote Workers Emotionally Invested

As many of us have experienced, when distance separates us technology can bring us together. Whether employees are at home or in the office offering flexible access to your giving programs lets employees participate from wherever they are. Giving and volunteer programs that are run on an integrated, cloud-based platform scale easily to support remote workers, so those both inside and outside the corporate walls can come together for a common cause. The ideal platform supports meaningful peer-to-peer connections between employees and connects them to your mission and causes.


How to optimize support for remote givers and doers with technology:

  • Create a centralized location or hub page to bring visibility to featured programs and cross-promote them.
  • Make sure your giving platform is mobile-responsive to ensure employees can access giving and volunteer opportunities from their mobile devices.
  • Spur motivation and friendly competition by enabling employees to track their giving activity and goals.
  • Encourage workers to use profiles to share interest areas and stay connected by sharing events, photos, and goal milestones.
  • Leverage credit card giving with a familiar shopping-cart experience as an option to payroll deductions

The bottom line, the changing nature of work has led to big changes and an even bigger challenge: keeping your workers engaged and aligned with your organization’s purpose. But that task is more important than ever, as workers — and especially younger ones — are actively seeking out employers whose purposes align with their own. A giving platform with the flexibility to engage all of your workers, regardless of location, and stand up innovative new programs quickly gives you the agility to respond to the new challenges you face — regardless of the direction this new world of work takes us.

For more on how to engage your remote workforce download our eBook Keeping Remote Workers Emotionally Invested. If you’re ready to learn more about how the right giving platform can bring all your workers together, from wherever they are, for more engagement, more connection, and more impact, contact us today.

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