The Social Impact Leadership Conference (SILC) is Back!

Our Social Impact Leadership Conference (SILC) is less than two months away! This event is meaningful on many levels, but more so this year. This is our first opportunity to come together as a community in almost three years. I’m grateful for the technology that has enabled us to communicate and engage since March 2020 and for all the front-line workers and volunteers who’ve helped us navigate the pandemic. And I’m grateful we are in a position to host this conference in ballrooms (and bars) so we can do the things we can only do in person.

From June 6-8, in the unique and ‘weird’ city of Austin, we’ll once again have opportunities to engage, network, listen to new perspectives from peers and nonprofits alike, catch up on new capabilities, look into the future, and have some fun! We’ve constructed an outstanding agenda to facilitate our time together. You can learn more about the agenda here. Check out a few sessions on my target list!

  • An opening keynote where we’ll connect the past to the future and explore new investments.
  • An amazing panel discussion on innovative (and practical) tactics to drive participation.
  • A fun (and perhaps weird!) networking session.
  • Our CEO, Erin Mulligan Nelson, sharing the purpose and vision of our new company, Bonterra.
  • A session led by nonprofits to explore opportunities to improve experience and efficiency.
  • A session, led by a leading management consulting firm, outlining what’s on the mind of your Board and C-suite with regards to ESG.
  • And one that I just can’t talk about yet!

Our conference theme is Connected Impact. Connected is a powerful word. When we are connected, we are informed, confident, inspired, and part of something larger than ourselves—we are part of a community. And together, we are stronger and more capable of achieving the business and social impact outcomes that are both desired and increasingly necessary in our communities and world.

So, what are you doing in early June? Fancy a trip to explore Austin? Reconnect? Build new connections? Expand your professional capabilities? Celebrate your efforts? I hope you’ll join us to celebrate as a community enabling and driving connected impact. After all, what is a community? Per a fellow New Englander, Noah Webster, the community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

We look forward to seeing you in Austin.


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