40+ Things You Didn’t Know About Employee Volunteering

It’s time to take the leap into corporate employee volunteering but you’re not sure if it will be beneficial to your company or employees, right? Well, as time goes on the research has shown significant advantages and improvements within your company, employees and community when you integrate employee volunteering programs in your business.

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You will find information on the benefits of these programs, how they’ve been successful in other companies, the ways you can implement this into your business and ideas to get your program up and running. Curious to see how other businesses are making their success stories in employee volunteering? Check out these articles to uncover the secrets behind volunteering as a team, learn how your employees’ engagement will be boosted and why you’re making the right investment when we say that employee volunteering is a must for any type of business.

4 Ways Workplace Giving/Volunteering Can Drive Employee Engagement by HuffPost (@HuffPost)

Did you know that providing a chance for your employees to give back to the community boosts engagement? It may come as a surprise to you, but this theory is actually backed by science. It’s all about the concept of prosocial behavior, or doing something for the benefit of someone else. Prosocial behavior positively affects the individuals participating in it, and in return, their workplaces. One of the 4 ways we loved? The feeling of gratitude and teamwork that comes with employee volunteering. Learn how you can implement that same feeling and teamwork in your company!

7 Steps to Employee Volunteering Success by Forbes (@Forbes)

Corporate volunteer programs offer a path for companies to find their soul and for employees to fill their hearts. They’re a unique form of corporate giving that creates a direct bridge between employees and nonprofits, encouraging employees to become champions of causes through opportunities ranging from a single day of volunteer service to long-term partnerships with nonprofits. It’s essential to not only confirm that the nonprofit has a significant impact in the community, but also that your company will have an impact on the nonprofit. Have you ever thought about NOT choosing the most “comfortable” fit for a nonprofit to work with but expanding out of the normal to help make a greater impact?

10 Powerful Things You Didn’t Know About Employee Volunteering by CyberGrants (@CyberGrants)

Corporate volunteer programs are some of the most effective ways to engage employees in corporate philanthropy. We have put together some of the most insightful facts about employees in corporate philanthropy just for you. Did you know that 58% of men and 74% of women would refuse a higher paying job if it meant not getting along with coworkers? Volunteering brings teams together for the greater good and it has the potential to impact work relationships. What these facts tell us is that employees want to volunteer, but may not feel that they have the time to do so because of a busy work schedule. Have you ever considered giving employees days of service, paid time off for volunteering or even skills-based volunteering on company time?

Get more information on the benefits of volunteering!

4 C’S of a Successful Employee Volunteer Program by Conscious Company Media (@ConsciousCoMag)

Volunteer programs for employees help workers feel more fulfilled and engaged. Nearly three-quarters of employees say their job is more fulfilling when they have opportunities at work to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues, and 77 percent say it’s important their employer provides them with hands-on activities around social and environmental responsibility. Having transparency in your company is always a must but have you ever thought about having transparency within your corporate employee volunteering program? Use this framework to raise your program to the next level.

4 Reasons Why A Corporate Volunteer Program Is A Smart Investment by Forbes (@Forbes)

How can leaders bring lasting change to their company? The answer to this question lies in the growing trend of corporate volunteer programs. Mars, Incorporated, the company behind brands like Wrigley, M&M’s, and pet brand Pedigree, places a high value on volunteer programs for their associates. Many companies now offer some form of paid time off for volunteer opportunities, but Mars goes a step further in what they offer associates. Along with the MVP, they also have the Mars Ambassador Program, or MAP for short. An idea for your company? Check out how Mars uses this ambassador program to launch their employee volunteering.

5 Ways Volunteering Can Help Grow Your Business by OpenForum (@AmexOPEN)

When you leverage the power of your business to volunteer, you can often gain exponential benefits—for yourself, your company and your professional future. You didn’t start volunteering for the glory, but good PR is definitely a great side benefit. As a small-business owner, it can be hard to take risks when you have to be so mindful of the bottom line. That’s why volunteering, especially by taking a seat on a nonprofit board, can be a fantastic way to learn new skills. Have you ever considered testing out a new business strategy while volunteering or even a new idea? This could be a way for your company to see how well it works without spending a lot of money in your business but also helping your community at the same time.  7 Reasons to Volunteer as a Corporate Team by Monster (@Monster)

Group volunteering helps companies satisfy their employees’ desire for leadership opportunities. And in a team environment, managers are present to witness those skills and envision importing them to the workplace. Working together in the community gives employees a fresh perspective on productive interaction; this renewal often carries over to the workplace, to the company’s benefit. Want to see your employees skills that they possess outside of work? We love the idea of employees volunteering together to bring out some of their best skills, managers take note! You could have a hidden gem right under your nose and not even know it. Check out the other reasons why volunteering as a team helps build up your business.

Now that you have discovered the secrets behind why employee volunteering is crucial to your business and why it comes with success when done right. Are you ready to take the leap and make a massive wave into your community with corporate employee volunteering? Make that dream a reality and check out how CyberGrants can get you started!


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