Today is International Day of Charity - How will you help?

Today welcomes all individuals. organizations, and NGO’s to commemorate this day each year by encouraging charity and awareness-raising activities.

Today, September 5th is the UN’s International Day of Charity. Developed in 2012 to raise global awareness about the need to help others through volunteer and philanthropic activities, this day recognizes the role of charity in alleviating humanitarian crises and suffering as well as the hard work of charitable organizations and individuals.

So, how will you commemorate the day? And maybe make it last all year long?

You can celebrate today by supporting any charity of your choice and helping those that are in need - charities that help support education, the environment, child welfare, homelessness, disaster recovery as examples. The list is endless and there are numerous charitable giving opportunities out there and many worthy causes to consider.

And the efforts you and others around the globe take today, and all year long, will help alleviate suffering, help victims of natural disasters, advance sustainability, contribute to medical advancements and care, promote research and education, and protect and help those who need help most.

As an individual, a corporation, or an organization - if you are looking for a new charity to support or get more involved, today is a GREAT day to start. It’s in everyone’s best interest to support this day, and in conjunction with the UN’S 2030 17 Sustainable Development goals, charity will play a pivotal role in the plan’s success. How will you or your organization make an impact?

Consider keeping the momentum of today going by establishing workplace giving program and/or a volunteer program at your location - you’ll make a more long lasting impact and know you’re doing good all the other days of the year.

Now that would make Mother Teresa proud!


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