Top 5 Reasons Our Clients Love CyberGrants

Perhaps we’ve made it clear here at CyberGrants that we love what we do. We’ve helped our clients donate billions of dollars and millions of volunteering hours. With more than half of the Fortune 100 as clients, we’ve helped their employees get excited about creating shared value. It’s hard to hide how much we love our CyberGrants clients.

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And what makes it all worthwhile? The fact that our clients love us right back. Here are the top five reasons users love CyberGrants:

5. CyberGrants works the way you do!

Our platform is designed to work “off the shelf” with no customization. You’re already working so hard to get employees engaged in your CSR efforts, managing your grant program and mobilizing volunteers that it makes no sense to spend time wrangling the software that is supposed to make all those processes better.

“We have worked with CyberGrants for almost a year now. It was important that the solution be efficient, automated, and comprehensive. A big draw was all of the features we needed for our process were “out-of-the-box” with no customization. The CyberGrants team made the implementation method and performance stress-free. A feature I enjoy most, is that I am able to manage most of the site content and user permissions without emailing or calling CyberGrants for help.”

“When we have questions, someone from CyberGrants is quick to respond and help us out. We could not have advanced our department’s work to better serve our community without CyberGrants!”

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4. CyberGrants is ready and willing to tackle your toughest challenges.

Need something that usually takes a year done in a quarter? Want your software to manage programs you’ve been managing manually for years? Trying to make your new CSR program straddle a corporate merger and all the shared goals that brings? We get it. CyberGrants has worked with the world’s largest companies on some of the most ambitious corporate philanthropy programs ever. Whatever your challenge, we accept it!

“We came to CyberGrants with a range of needs, an aggressive schedule and in the middle of our annual grant cycle. The team at CyberGrants took on our project with such a fantastic “can-do” attitude – being honest and real about deadlines and eager to work with us. Our system was launched in record time and with more exciting capabilities than we expected!”

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3. We make the impossible, possible.

Your job is about more than finding software to manage a process. It’s about creating a deep and lasting impact on the world around you and your employees. CyberGrants gets that, and instead of stripping the inspiration from our platform, we’ve baked it into every part, from branded websites to help your employees get excited about your next big volunteer event, to counters and banners to keep everyone focused on their goals.

“It’s clear to me that CyberGrants systems and capabilities are going to enable our philanthropy and volunteers to deepen their impact, innovate, and generate more change in the communities we serve. A fantastic partner!”

“We make incredible happen every single day. Every day that we read grant applications, that we fund grant applications, we are changing lives, we are improving lives, we make a difference in the lives of children, as we fund our STEM education grants.”

2. CyberGrants efficiently enables giving so you can give more.

Using an inefficient platform or manual process to manage your programs can be counterproductive to your efforts. Trying to make multiple systems work together wastes your time (and that of your employees). Building manual databases is not only not compliant but it distracts from what you should be focusing on…the causes you’re supporting. When CyberGrants enters the picture, we transform all this from multiple clunky processes, to one streamlined system that can be viewed from any angle. Your non-profit contacts, employees, executives and colleagues will thank you for implementing an engaging system that makes CSR efforts a breeze.

“Our old platform was old and updating it cost too much money and time. The new platform is engaging, easy to work with and will empower our employees to maximize their donations and volunteer opportunities. Seeing it for the first time was like being handed a customized solution for all our needs.”

And drum roll please….

1. We transform how you work and maximize the impact you have on your causes!

It is our mission and privilege to empower the work YOU do, every day. From our end-to-end platform that works as hard as you do, to our incredible service team who helps you bring your CSR dreams to life, no one has built a more effective process to help companies meet and exceed their goals. But, don’t take our word for it!

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“We could not have advanced our department’s work to better serve our community without CyberGrants!”

“Through CyberGrants support, we are able to effectively execute our annual giving campaign.”

“By partnering with CyberGrants, we are better positioned to be responsive to employee requests, not only during the campaign, but all year around!”

“One of the most impactful things that we have been able to do with CyberGrants is increase our Matching Gifts program. It used to be a very small program out of our Foundation, that was very limited in the charities we were giving to and the amount we allow each employee to give away. We gave away over 8 million dollars in grants last year with our Matching Gifts program.”

“We support a lot of communities, we make a lot of incredible programs happen that support communities all over the world. CyberGrants helps us do that every day.”

“Eileen is a member of my team, pure and simple. She doesn’t receive a paycheck from us, but she works with us every day almost, and we simply could not do what we do without her.”

“As manager of the our Matching Gifts Program, I have been very pleased with the CyberGrants Client Management Team. Our program has several unique tracking and reporting requirements due to the nature of our business and recent merger commitments. CyberGrants has been very helpful in providing reports that allow us to separate gifts among our operating companies and they provide us with additional invoicing as needed.”

“The Client Management Team has also been very responsive when we’ve needed to adjust donor class status for a group of employees or add in new employees as the result of acquisitions. These types of transitions are handled in a timely fashion with follow up until complete. In addition the team helped us create a special campaign for GivingTuesday which allowed employees to receive an additional $100 bonus match for donations made on that day.”

Thank you for making us the Corporate Philanthropy System to beat! Now that you’ve heard from some of our valued clients, contact us to start exploring how CyberGrants can change your grant management programs, employee engagement levels, matching gifts and so much more, all in one system.


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