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A new year brings new trends in philanthropy, and if 2021 taught us anything, it’s how swiftly the landscape of social impact can (and will) change. We’ve gathered the data and compiled trends we can expect for donors and nonprofits in 2022. Make this year your most successful yet with these tips for philanthropic success!

Max out Generosity with Flexible Options

We’ve said it before-  adaptability is critical. It’s true for corporations intent on giving and the nonprofits receiving. The current pandemic is making it more true than ever but going forward, adaptability will continue to be critical in areas of donor preference. Everything about giving centers around those who give, and we must meet them where they are in terms of donation options- and anticipate where they’re going. 

So what do donors want? Flexibility!

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What do donors want? Flexibility! Check out top trends for Philanthropy in 2022 from @CyberGrants here: Click to Tweet

Digital Wallets

The popularity of digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay is increasing, which makes online payments as easy as hitting a button or two. The convenience of facial recognition built into most phones makes it incredibly safe, and donors trust it more than your average web page. Digital wallets also eliminate the trouble of having to get up to get a card, which prevents transaction abandonment. The reliance on smartphone transactions continues to grow strong, which means your mobile optimization must be efficient.

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QR Code

The QR code made what some are calling the “comeback of the year” in 2021, but it’s thriving simply because there have been changes in how convenient it is to use. Posting a web address in a print ad is effective when done correctly but even more effective is the QR code, which means you don’t ever have to worry about your web address being typed in wrong or forgotten after they leave.  



Cryptocurrency donations are a big up-and-comer in the donation sector. The marketplace is worth over $3 trillion dollars and over 100 million users worldwide prefer this digital payment method. Cryptocurrency is an entirely digital currency that is still tax-deductible when donated directly to a nonprofit organization. Very few organizations offer this option currently, but many anticipate a sizeable increase to this number in the coming year. 


Payment Apps

Providing the option to use PayPal or Venmo entices 55% of donors who said they would likely donate if nonprofits presented these options. Many of your clients likely already use and trust these apps, which makes it the perfect solution for quick donations. 


Charitable Spending Accounts

Charitable spending accounts provide employees with a balance of charitable funds to allocate to the organization of their choice. This is the logical and equitable solution for every type of employee, but depending on your organization, it can be given to specific groups of employees based on logic. You can consider this as a yearly stipend, an incentive-based reward, a gift for new hires, or a holiday gift.

Demand for Campaigns is Still High

The need for funding hasn’t subsided even while the pandemic raged on. Campaigns canceled in 2020 and perhaps again in 2021 will likely move forward in 2022. Nonprofit organizations will also be taking advantage of those organizations that may have paused their philanthropic efforts given the uncertainty of years prior that are now looking to give more readily. 


Special Initiative Microsites

Nonprofits are capitalizing on special initiative microsites or mini-campaigns to respond to recent events or support a specific cause. From the pressing need of a natural disaster to a social cause or holiday campaign, organizations are finding creative ways to speak giving to worthwhile causes. In these situations especially, it’s a prime opportunity to automate the match and approval process via credit card with CyberGrants Disbursement Solution.

Even better is that donors are already showing they’re ready to pledge. Our annual #GivingTuesday event brought record numbers that show people want to give back after a tumultuous two years.

  • Donors went up 156% to 28,192 participants.
  • Donations went up 196% to 68,421 total. 
  • We saw a 136% increase in the number of social good organizations that received gifts (25,322 total).

    More on #GivingTuesday numbers here!

With unemployment numbers nearly as low as before the pandemic and the stock market’s expected growth, many in the industry predict 2022 will be another monumental year for campaign growth.

Mini campaigns and more popular trends in philanthropy for 2022. @CyberGrants lays them out here: Click to Tweet


Recurring Giving = Sustainable Growth

The future of giving is online. 

Planned or recurring giving is already a valuable asset to nonprofits because it allows donors to act now to benefit the future of nonprofit organizations. While the majority of transactions are still happening offline, many of them could be transferred online to save time and resources. 

Recurring donors are estimated to give 440x more than a single donor in their lifetime. Once these donations are initiated, it’s likely to mean sustainable income for years to come. Understandably, we’ll see more  incorporation of planned giving into major donor conversations

If you’re not already set up to offer recurring options, it’s the perfect time to get started. Recurring gifts are more likely to be initiated in January

There will be excellent opportunities for fundraising in 2022 and no shortage of generosity. Start the year off right by defining your CSR Strategy and maximizing your options for flexible giving. Book a demo with CyberGrants to see how easy it is to implement innovative programs with the CSR industry’s most flexible philanthropy software platform.

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