Ways to get your entire workforce fully invested in your causes

We see it every single day. Both within our own company and those of our clients. The face of the workforce is changing. And so are the dynamics that motivate your employees to participate — or not — in corporate charitable giving programs.

The long reach and ubiquitous influence of social media have permeated almost every aspect of our lives, from launching music and products, to rating food and travel, to electing a president. It’s no different in the philanthropy world. In fact, you could argue social media’s clout in our sector is especially powerful. There is no question that today’s workers look to social media channels to make decisions about what causes to support, where they will invest their time, and where they will direct their dollars. All driven by peer-to-peer viral sharing.

Peers rule

So, what does that mean for a traditional organization where C-suite executives set the philanthropic course for everyone? It means flipping the hierarchy. Talking “down” to employees is out. Harnessing their grassroots enthusiasm is in – peer-to-peer viral sharing.


OK, you might be asking, “How do I actually wrangle that enthusiasm? In practical terms, what can I do to utilize and leverage our workers’ sharing? How do I extend all that peer-to-peer love to get our employees more involved in our giving programs?”  

Well, we’ve done much of it for you already.  CyberGrants Employee Engagement software has Viral Engagement techniques built in. And they represent the best-practices standard for the industry. There are three areas that really kick Viral Engagement into high gear.


Personalized dashboards track progress

1) Our social-media generations definitely want to see how they are progressing toward certain goals. Witness the popularity of various fitness trackers, for example. They like to have tracking and monitoring visibility, and how they relate to others of similar interests. To that end, our personalized dashboards allow employees to clearly and immediately see their individual impact on the programs in which they participate and care about. That visibility and measurement are critical to deepening their connection to the cause.


Competition drives up giving

2) A corollary to #1 is competition. CyberGrants software spurs intense competition among individuals, teams, regions and business units. The digitally aware call this “gamification.” We are all familiar with the extraordinary power of team competition. And that competition can have a huge impact on the total dollars donated and hours volunteered across your company. In fact, 43% of workers are more likely to give if competition is involved – 43%!


Activity feeds create buzz

3) And to connect your workers at an emotional level to corporate causes, we’ve implemented

activity feeds that include postings by peers that mimic popular social-media platforms. This maximizes connections, awareness, and “buzz.”  Galvanizing an esprit de corps.

Make your mission come to life

Let’s sum it up: Viral Engagement maximizes social impact.  Harnessing these powerful, peer-driven techniques drives immediate increases in buy-in, participation, and contribution.  And perhaps most importantly, Viral Engagement directly connects your employees to the highest mission of your company – to make the world a better place for all of us.

How’s it working? Clients and CSR innovators such as Target are using these techniques right now to pump up participation in their philanthropy programs. And they’re getting results.

“The grassroots vision of Viral Engagement builds on the strength of our program, which is our committed team members. It’s a game-changer for corporate philanthropy.”

Jennifer Moe
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager


Not just for Millennials!

Let’s face it: younger workers are now the majority of the workforce. But it’s not just them involved in social media techniques. They are setting the norm for the entire workplace. Other demographic groups are following their lead. Think about it; the new generation is teaching digital savvy to the rest of us in both our personal and work lives. (You don’t see Boomers showing Millennials how to use a cassette recorder, do you?)

So, if you’re looking to get the most impact from your philanthropy programs, be sure you tap in to the unbridled passion that younger workers have for doing good. If you engage with them on their terms, deploy their communication channels of choice and let them influence the direction of your giving programs… incredible can happen.

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